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All frogs need moisture ... that's a given (they have bodies that are the world's indicator of health ... frogs absorb through their skin ... if you don't have frogs, then you don't have a healthy world ... which reminds me, where are the tadpoles?).

Anyways ... most frogs like to live in wet areas, or at least areas that have close proximity to wet areas. Some frogs can live in area's that dry out on a regular basis ... they find a quiet place, some dig a hole; they basically go to sleep until it's wet. There's even a frog that can be frozen! It wakes up when it's thaw time!

So, to answer your question, frogs need moisture. They are remarkably hardy and will exist in some surprising places (frozen/dry), but their bottom line? They need water. Frogs sing for rain :)

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Q: Do frogs need wet or dry areas to live in?
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Why do frogs need to live in damp places but lizards can survive in dry areas?

Because lizards are dry animals and frogs' skins are moist and need to live in damp places.They wouldn't adapt to live in a dry area.Lizards are reptiles and can live in dry and hot places..

Why does frogs live on lands?

Frogs dont always just live on land, some live on land and in water because frogs need water to keep their skin moist so they dont dry out.Hope i helped:)

Why do fungi need to live moist areas?

Their large surface areas make them dry out easily.

Why do frogs live in hot places?

Frogs do not live in hot places... they live in humid or moist places. They need to do this because without moist air OR just plain water, their skin will dry out. Now, when our skin is dry, we just put on lotion! But frogs partially breathe through their skin. When their skin dries out, they cannot breathe and will likely die. :( Poor frogs!

Why do fungi need to live in moist areas?

Their large surface areas make them dry out easily.

What type of climates do frogs live in?

Frogs live in the freshwater biome. Frogs prefer a moist environment and they are very important part of this biome.

Why do gray wolves live in dry areas and cold areas?

Because gray wolves do live in dry areas and cold areas.

What prevents frogs to live on land?

Frogs have moist skin that needs to stay damp to breathe through their skin. On land, their skin can dry out quickly, leading to dehydration and difficulty breathing. Additionally, frogs lay their eggs in water, so they need to be near water to reproduce.

Animals that need little water can live in areas where the soil is?

the soil is very dry

Can 4 inch frogs can live in 10 gallon tank?

Frogs are amphibians and need both a wet area and a dry one. If kept permanently in water they will eventually drown. You will need to set your tank up as a Vivarium.

Can frogs that live in water come out?

Yes though they can not live long in dry air.

What climate does a gorilla live in?

They live in hot dry areas