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Do bats eat fruit?

Some bats do eat fruit, and there are varieties of bats that are known as fruit bats.

Do bats eat bags?

Bats mostly eat insects, except fruit bats that eat fruit and vampire bats that eat blood.

What kind of fruits and vegetables is good for quaker parrots to eat?

Quaker parrots can eat any fruit or vegetable except for avocados. Avocados are poison for Quaker parrots.

What are bats that eat fruit called?

Fruit Bats.

Who eats fruit bats?

fruit bats eat fruit daaaah!!

Are fruit bats meat eaters?

Fruit bats eat fruit.

Do fruit bats eat humans?

No, they eat fruit.

What do the Jamaican fruit bats eat?

They eat fruit... Its in their name...

Do fruit bats eat fruit?


Are fruit bats carnivores?

No, they eat fruit.

Do fruit bats eat people?

No they eat fruit. Hints the name FRUIT BAT.

How can you use avocado in a sentence?

Avocados is the worst fruit i ever tasted ^_^.......(avocados is like a fruit)...:p

Is a bat a fruit eater?

Some bats eat fruit some eat meat, The fruit bat eat fruit.

Do fruit bats eat figs or papaya?

Certain fruit bats do eat figs such as flying foxes.

Where do fruit bats sleep?

they eat fruit and dont eat blood

Are avocados a citrus fruit?

No they are not.

How do you grow avocados from fruit?

you plant the seed that's inside of the avocados ...

What fruits are closely related to avocados?

There are no common fruits closely related to avocados. There is a fruit called Coyo, but is not particularly pleasant to eat and thus virtually unknown. Cinnamon is in the same family. Also, avocados are not related to pears.

What kind of foods do bats eat?

bats eat blood fruit and bugs

Can bats eat chips?

no. its bad for them. may bats eat fruit or insectss

Do bats eat grapes?

Some do. Some bats eat insects and small animals, and other kinds eat fruit. The fruit kind would eat grapes.

Do fruit bats eat apples?

Fruit bats eat all kinds of fruit including apples. They mostly feed on over ripe or ripe fruit and do very little damage to fruit crops.

Are avocados Australia's fruit?


How many pounds of fruit do FRUIT BATS eat in a day?

Depends on the fruit

How do fruit bats eat nectar?

Fruit bats will eat/lick nectar from flowers. See attached link for more information.