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Do gameshark code work on Pokemon Emerald on PC?


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Yes, GameShark codes work in Pokemon Emerald for the PC. My codes work when I try them.


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i think you have to add a new code when you press sideways on the gameshark, on the warp. It will mostly work in emerald

easy, you simply just delete the gameshark code you put in or disable the code. Or if that doesn't work then you have to restart the game after a while.

Can you use Pokemon Sapphire Gameshark codes on Emerald Gameshark?"AnswerThe answer is- No. It wouldn't work. Answerit work with me AnswerI think this web site rules answeryes you can!!!there is a code!! I have itwhats the code to do that and is possible to do on emerald to sapphire and can i use the emerald gameshark codes on sapphire?No each game has its own master code so you cant use codes from one game on another, hope this helpsAnswer by WyraNo. The games are coded differently -- not even codes that would ordinarily work on Ruby would work on Sapphire, so the same can be assumed for Ruby/Sapphire congruent codes on Emerald.

You can buy a Gameshark, and look up the game in the Gameshark. It should work.

This code is for GameShark and Pokemon Emerald only: 7881A409 E2026E0C 8E883EFF 92E9660D No buttons are required to activate the code. It should work just by enabling the code and starting the game.

1]open visual boy advance and open Pokemon emerald 2]go up to cheats and press to cheat list then press gameshark... 3]and put the gameshark code you want.

Just go to SuperCheats.com and search "Pokemon emerald" it will show you codes for all items including the water stone and it won't work unless you have the (M)Must be on Code activated.

i have a gameshark hehehehehe and there is no cheat for shineys that actually work some sites may claim they work but i don't think their is trust me i would have used it by now on my Sapphire and leaf green

Mirage Island Game Shark CodeThere are no Gameshark Warp codes in Emerald to get to Mirage Island. There is a code but it will hardly work7572668C A25C844CUse this and maybe you can get there

Sorry, the cheat has been deleted because it does not work. It can sometimes corrupt all of your cheat data, and the game does not start.

You can actually find it online, just type in cheat code for Pokemon emerald then it should coe up. Remember the Master Code thou. Or else it won't work.

Here is the master code (the master code must be put in or else the code wont work) 00006fa7000a 1006af880007 And here is the Shiny Pokemon code 83007ce40021 83007ce60300 53000020000f 044800684589 808900042843 1860c0460148 0047905d0003 177c06080000

You can't because I tried it and it didn't work.

If you have a Pokemon with the ability Flame body, or Magma armor it can cut the steps in half. eg. Magma, Slugma, Macargo. the Action replay code (not gameshark) for it is: Easy Egg Hatch -- run for about 20 to 30 steps 59F192DC 2D906781 i havnt tried it so i don't know if it works (the code that is) ACTION REPLAY IS GAMESHARK! There is no "Action Replay" for Gameboy Advance, only Gameshark and Codebreaker. This code does NOT work I will try to find a working one! ;)

by attending an Nintendo event or using a gameshark. also the code in the game shark must be the code that activates the event and not just give you the event item or else it wont work

Both Action Replay and Gameshark work on the same code insert. to insert codes, go to the menu Cheats in your VBA, and choose "Cheat list". Choose the option "Gameshark...", and enter your description for the code, and the code under there.

Here is a game shark code for Crobat in Pokemon Emerald. The code is 97ADB0E5 F82054B1 and has been tested and is verified to work.

gameshark codes don't work on gba games they only work on gbc trust me ive tried on all the gba Pokemon games

a0eace26bce6913 i thinkEdit by Kyogre286The code above doesn't work, here is the working code : D8bae4d94864dce5A86cdba519ba49b3A57e2edeA5aff3e41c7b3231B494738cC051ccf6975e8da1

The walk though walls Gameshark code for Pokémon Gold and Silver: 0108A3CE0108A4CE 0108A5CE 0108A6CE You have to put all the codes in the Gameshark for the walk through walls code to work correctly.

The gameshark code for groudon in pokemon sapphire is 83007D220195 it really works you will get a level 45 groudon in any grass if it not work , find other answers because mine works :)

Eon Ticket: 82025CE40113 that is the code i used and it worked i hope it helped! that code is fake Yes, Indeed.It didn't work for both gameshark and codebreaker.

Go to the Gameshark--> Code list then before adding / copy and pasting, copy and paste is more ideal as it allows you not to get it wrong, insert the code into the "Code:" box and double click. To remove, either delete the code or delete the game.

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