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If you're using a GBA hit select when the arrow is pointing to the cheat you want to remove.

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easy, you simply just delete the GameShark code you put in or disable the code. Or if that doesn't work then you have to restart the game after a while.

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by editing it

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Q: How do you undo GameShark codes in Pokemon emerald?
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How can you undo changes on the gameshark for Zelda and the minish cap?

If you don't want your game to be altered permanently do not save after implementing gameshark codes. Turning off the codes and resetting the game will restore normal settings to the game. Turning off codes in mid-game tend not to work but it all depends on the code say Infinite Hearts. Disabling the code anytime during the game will restore normal settings but if you put in All Hearts instead your normal heart count most likely will not come back until the game is reset.

How do you undo a save on Pokemon Pearl?

you can't

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I dont think you can. Sorry. Im pretty sure you cant undo clones.

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yes you can get shiny Pokemon with action replay

Can you undo action replay codes?

If you mean for Nintendo DS, I do not think so. I have tried and it doesn't work.

How do you undo shadow Pokemon in colleuseum?

Ok, you use a shadow Pokemon in battle , use collognes or put one in day care, when the shadow bar is cleared and says, undo the final lock, then take the Pokemon in your party to the relic in agate, the relic should begin to gow green you could use the time flute later in the game, but it only purifies one Pokemon, and it only appeared to work when the bar says undo the final lock,

How do you undo the shiny Pokemon code in Pokemon diamond?

the Pokemon you made shiny is gonna stay that way forever, but you could erase the code and never use it again.

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If u can't do it in platinum u cant do in in your game. :3

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