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Q: Do garter snakes burrow when they are in labor?
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How do garter snakes get their nutrients?

Like all snakes garter snakes are predators. Garter snakes get their nutrients by eating small animals.

Do garter snakes go underground?

no garter snakes come out in the hot days garter snakes not like to come out in a night

Do garter snakes hibernate or migrates?

Garter snakes hibernate.

Do garden snakes lay eggs?

If you mean "garter snakes" then the answer is no. Garter snakes bear their young live.

Are gartner snakes poison?

No Garter Snakes are not poisonous.

How do garter snakes store their food?

how do garter snakes store their food

Is a garter snake a decomposer?

No. Garter snakes are predators as are all snakes.

Is the garter snake an amphibian?

No. Like all snakes garter snakes are reptiles.

Do Garter snakes play dead?

Garter snakes do not usually play dead, no.

Are garter snakes live bearers or egg layers?

Giant garter snakes give birth to live young.

Do garter snakes live on land?

Yes it is true that garter snakes live on land

Do garter snakes live in Colombia?

No, garter snakes are found only in North America.