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Giant Panda's do not attack other animals beause they are peaceful animals with nothing to attack about, unless something else starts eating their bamboo, then no. THEY WILL NOT BE AGGRESSIVE. hOWEVER THEY HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO ATTACK HUMANS OUT OF IRRITATION...

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In their natural habitat in the bamboo forests of China, giant pandas are not exposed to many other species. However, they would probably regard birds and small mammals as a food source. If they encounter a bamboo rat, for example, they will play with it until it is exhausted, at which point they will eat it.

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Yes.It lives with other animals such as red pandas.Red Pandas look like a racoon.

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Q: Do giant pandas attack other animals?
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What animals do giant pandas harm?

Giant Pandas are vegetarians and do not harm other animals unless they are threatened

Do giant pandas rely on other animals?

no they only use bamboo

With what animals do giant pandas share a habitat?

jackals,lepaords, the vyellow throated marten

What do people call pandas other than pandas?

giant pandas

Do giant pandas get along with other pandas?

yes they do sometimes.

Why do tigers eat giant pandas?

Probably because they have a lot of meat and they aren't as ferocious as other animals.

Why is there need to protect the Giant Panda's habitat?

because it can be taken over by msny other animals since there are way more less pandas than other animals

How does the giant squid attack other animals?

It grabs the prey with its tentacles and swallows it whole.

What are some other animals that live in china in the same habitat as the what other animals live with pandas what other animals that live with the pandas?

Pandas live with other animals which are birds, rabbits, snakes and insets

Are pandas aggressive to other animals?

they have been known to attack humans, usually assumed to be out of irritation rather than predatory behaviour. This means that they only attack if provoked. Giant pandas signify aggression by lowering their heads and staring at their opponents. The giant panda is a generally a passive animal and not initiate to attack man or other animals. Giant pandas, however can become violent when provoked or surprised. Generally when hearing abnormal sounds the giant panda will escape the area immediately or they will climb the nearest tree. Should they become trapped the giant panda will cover their face with their paws often hiding its eye-patches and curl up. This gesture states that they are scared and/or angry. At close range, aggression is signalled by a swipe with a paw, or by a low-pitched growl or bark that will generally send an opponent scampering up the nearest tree.

Why pandas considered rare?

Because the Giant Panda is endangered. People decided to cut down the bamboo forests in China where pandas live, for farms, homes, and other construction. The Giant Panda is also poached, for many reasons, but the main driving factor is money. They are also caught, by mistake in steel traps set for other animals. If not found they can die of their injuries, or be attack by other predators while they are immobilized by the trap, and can't escape.

How does the giant panda effect the red panda?

Giant pandas and red pandas get along with each other. Both types of pandas compete for bamboo, which they like to eat.