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yes. they smell horrible

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Can ginea pigs have strawberries?

YES! ginea pigs love it to! in fact its one of their favourite foods!

Is celery good for ginea pigs?

Yes. My guinea pigs eat tons of it!

What do ginea pigs eat?

They eat vegetables and grains.

What can ginea pigs not utilize?

Thumbs. They haven't any.

Are ginea pigs active?

Are guinea pigs active? Why yes they popcorn and dance and play and run around.

Can ginea pigs swim?

no,being in water makes them very anxious.

Do ginea pigs stink?

no, they don't unless you put them in dirty bedding

Why do ginea pigs get so fat?

All they do is sit around and eat...

Why do ginea pigs eat fast?

because it is afraid that you are going to eat it.

Exercise for ginea pigs?

buy them a run for the garden and they can exercise in it all day

Are ginea pigs fat?

well i have my own ginea pig and it not to fat but compared to my gerbils then it i huge ... but they are really cute (cos the tubby) so i would reccomend

Did the inca sacrifice ginea pigs?

Yes. They sacrificed almost all kinds of mammals

Will ginea pigs play?

YES! they love to play! take them out at least once a day

Do ginea pigs have dander?

Just like all animals with fur, they do have dander sadly.

How soon can guinea pigs start having babies?

ginea pigs can start having babies when they about 2 months old its amazing!

What is a ginea pigs favoriot food?

They mostly love grass and 1 reason is because guinea pigs LOVE the color green

Can silky bantams be with ginea pigs?

Silkies are normally docile and will not bother the guinea pigs. There will be some competition for food as they eat similar items.

Do ginea pigs like blueberries?

Yes, they love them and they are really healthy for them and are high in vitamin c.

Do Ginea Pigs eat Tomatows?

Yes they can, but in moderation, as they need an outside source of Vitamin C.

How long until baby ginea pigs can go back in with their dad?

guinea pigs dont need to be taken away from their babies they will not harm their young.

How can you tell a ginea pigs in labor?

She will groan and Blood obviously the baby guinea pigs don't be alarmed if she eats the sack the baby comes out in she is suppose to do that

Can ginea pigs carry disesase that can affect human life?

Yes and one of those diseases is Salmonella.

What is the record of ginea pigs in a litter?

you have to clean it twice a week.i would know i had two but in spate cages

Can ginea pigs run in balls?

no, because their backs can't bend enough without hurting themselves

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