Do girls like bad boys?

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Yes bcoz u always knw tht wat evr he does wont hurt u sinc u knew tht hs a bad boy
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Why do good girls like bad boys?

Answer That's been a puzzler for a long time. If the good girls wouldn'treward the "bad boys", there would be far less acting out. New Answer I read somewhere that women look

Why do girls like bad boys?

they like them because there rough and really tough on the outside they like to get there hands dirty. girls dont really like weak and smart and to sensitive guys its not attr

Do bad boys like good girls?

Well. Bad boys can like good girls. Because they are oddly attracted to them wondering how do they act so GOOD? Kinda like the saying opposites atract

Why do girls like the bad boy?

it turns themm on i guess (Haruna)- Its because the girls that like them are bad also. Bad girls just put on better false personage than guys can. Trash likes other trash.

How do you impress a girl that like bad boys?

Confidence - "is key" Style - "nice clothes" Nonchalant Never needy laid back be a rebel go against the crowd have your own unique style good taste in music, f

What do you do if the boy you like is bad boy but you're a good girl?

I can tell you from experience that bad boys are better from a distance than close up. Yes, they can be fun but in the long run they are players and trouble. Keep your distanc

What do girls like a bad boy or a good boy?

Well, normally a good girl will fall for a bad boy, and a bad girl will fall for a good boy. It depends on what YOU are. If you are a bad boy, chances are you're gonna get a g

Why do some girls like bad boys?

for me in TRINIDAD it is a ranking thing girls who like or to be with a bad boy is on a lot of foolishness in life. when the bad boy used them sexually and plenty of slap and
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Is it bad to like boys and girls?

NO, IT MOST DEFINITELY IS NOT. It's completely normal in the cyberworld. Don't believe a word anyone says about being straight, because everyone on earth is bi, they're just t
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Do boys like bad girls?

It depends on who the guy is, and who you act as a "bad" girl. They tend to like bad girls for easy sex, but no one is going to get into a relationship of any substance wit
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Why do girls like bad boys-?

It's simple girls want to be thrilled, all girls want is a guy with CONFIDENCE! And the only guys that appear to have confidence are the bad Boys, the douche bags. I am a 16 y