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If the girl is the type you should be meeting, anyone that says hi to her should be well received. Asking her out is another matter entirely. Girl or guy that asks the opposite sex out on a date runs the risk of being rejected, but if we don't take that chance then we will never know what could have been. Sometimes chemistry doesn't work out between the two and that's all it is. If you ask her out and she tells you to "buzz off", "hit the road" and you have been nice to her, then thank your lucky stars you didn't get stuck with her and find out too late what a rude and crude person she is. If a girl is asked out and she doesn't have any physical attraction to that guy, then she can still be nice about saying "no." Take that chance and ask her out. It would be best you asked her out when she was somewhere alone and not around friends. Usually people will act unlike themselves when they are around their peers, but alone, you'll usually find them more themselves. Good luck Marcy Every one likes when some one says hi even if they don't know them. Yep, say hi, its simple and friendly..

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Q: Do girls like it when guys say hi to them and what are the chances of her telling the guy to buzz off and is this a good way to get to know a girl?
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