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Do goldfish sleep?

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All living things sleep or do rest in some way. Goldfish however can't close there eyes and they will just be laying on the bottom of the tank. You have no need to worry if it's dead unless it is laying upside down.
Fish don't really sleep. They just kind of rest by floating in the water, staying quite still.
Amazingly, NO :) they rest in the tanks. how they do that?

They slow down their metabolism and rest in a safe area.
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Do goldfish sleep on their side?

no they don't goldfish sleep with their eyes open and they swim around in their sleep

How long do goldfish sleep?

Your Goldfish does not sleep no goldfish in the world can sleep the main this they do is go to the bottom of the tank and do not move they are resting if there it the top and floating even with there eyes open they are ded this is not nice but all goldfish do is rest.

Can goldfish sleep?


Where can goldfish sleep?

In water?

When do goldfish sleep?

it depends if your goldfish is nocturnal or not because some types are. goldfish sleep with their eyes open like most other fish to protect themselves from predators.

How does a goldfish sleep?

it sleeps by sleeping

Do goldfish breathe when they sleep?


How long do goldfish sleep for?

Goldfish do indeed sleep but not in the same way humans do. They cannot close their eyes as they have no eyelids. When they sleep they become less active and tend to stay in one place. They sleep in little amounts at a time.

Where do goldfish sleep?

Yes goldfish do indeed sleep- you can easily tell when they're asleep because they will swim slightly limp around (but not on) the bottom of the the ocean.

What time do goldfish sleep?

well it depends when the light are off or not

Does goldfish sleep?

no they "rest" they sit in the water almost "frosen" resting.yeaaa! :)

What are facts about goldfish?

well goldfish don't sleep, they die if over fed, must change their fishbowl 1-2 weeksthey are in the Animalia kingdom

Do goldfish sleep with their eyes open?

goldfish sleep with their eye open their eye are open all the time. Gold fish sleep with there eyes open...But they have a clear lid that over laps there eyes in which they see out of so there eyes are closed they just have a different lid then humans. Hope that helps you:)

Can goldfish sleep in the dark?

Yes, we have taught our goldfish to sleep in the dark and turn on the light's when we get up. and they seem to adapt from tuning off the light's when we go to bed n turning on the light's when we get up and they know it's feeding time for them.

Are goldfish nocturnal?

me, being as thick as i am, dont know what nocturnal means. But goldfih are awake in the day, and sleep at night. Make sure u turn tank lights/room lights off because they dont have eyelids and cant sleep aswel in the lightThat answer your question? :DNo, goldfish are diurnal.

Do goldfish need dark to sleep?

They usally stay up all night so no.

Do fantail goldfish sleep?

they go into a resting phase which is a phase where they use less energy

How does a goldfish live and what does it needs to survive?

Goldfish live the same way we do. They breath and have organs just like us. They need to sleep, eat, breathe and be in water to survive.

Can black moor fish sleep?

Black Moors are Goldfish. They do a thing similar to sleeping at night.

What do goldfish do at night?

They sleep on the bottom of the tank, in a hiding spot, or in a plant. Wake up before them and see where they sleep. All of mine have their own sleeping spot.

How long should a goldfish sleep?

Fish do not sleep as we do. They do however need 'down time'. Lights off overnight would be a good idea. At least 8 hours.

Do black moor goldfish stop swimming when they are sleeping?

When goldfish go to sleep they do not stop swimming they just start swimming in place and very slowly and usually stay near the bottom of the aquarium.

Do goldfish lean to the left when they sleep?

Some goldfish, especially large ranchu/lionhead goldfish who are lacking a dorsal fin, may lean slightly to the left when they are sleeping. This is normal behavior and shouldn't be of concern unless the fish is exhibiting signs of illness or is acting lethargic.

Have a black a gold goldfish that just sits at the bottom of the tank?

that means it is sick or hasn't had as much sleep as it needs.

Do fancy goldfish sleep?

They will sleep if you turn of lights in the tank but if you leave them on all night or at night, they may think it is still day and may not sleep. They dont really sleep, they sort of just swim to the bottom and rest. hope this helps a bit :p

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