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Do green sea turtles migrate?

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Yes, they migrate all sea turtles do. Like in the movie Finding Nemo, Crush is a green sea turtle.

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Do sea turtles migrate north or south?

green sea turtles migrate farther south.

Why do green sea turtles migrate?

They migrate to their home place of where they were born to lay their eggs.

When do green sea turtles migrate?

from late september to early october

How often do green sea turtles migrate?

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Where do green sea turtles go to stay warm?

they migrate to warmer waters

What month do sea turtles migrate?

Thousands of sea turtles migrate to the coast of orrisa to lay eggs

Does a Green sea turtle migrate?

Yes green sea turtles migrate. They migrate to warmer areas farther south. They start their migration during probably late September or early october. They come back from their migration around spring time

Where do sea turtules travel to?

Sea turtles migrate to specific areas depending on what species of turtle. Green sea turtles migrate along the coasts from nesting to feeding grounds. However, some swim across the Atlantic Ocean from the Ascension Island to the Brazilian coast.

Are sea green turtles endangered?

Yes green sea turtles are endangered

Where do turtles migrate?

they migrate by the shore so they can stay warm (baby sea turtles go out into open ocean)

When do green sea turtles come out of the sea?

When female green sea turtles want to lay their eggs.

Do green sea turtles live alone?

Green sea turtles live alone

How do green sea turtles parent?

what is a predator of sea turtles

Where do sea turtles usually migrate to in the winter?

sea turtles bury in the sand and sleep there for 6 months

How do green sea turtles reproduce itself?

Hawaiian green sea turtles do not reach sexual maturity until they are about 25 years old, sometimes taking up to 50 years! Males migrate every year, arriving ahead of the females. Females only migrate every 2-4 years.

How big are green sea turtles?

Green Sea Turtles can reach 5 feet in size.

What do the green sea turtles eat?

Adult green sea turtles eat plants only. However, young green sea turtles eat jellyfish, fish, crustaceans and algae.

Why are green sea turtles being hunted?

they kill green sea turtles for their shells to make jewelry

What are a box jellyfishes predators?

Green Sea Turtles because green sea turtles eat jellyfish.

What type of water do green sea turtles live in?

Green sea turtles live in salty water.

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