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I did some research and found out that the groundhog is like a raccoon in what time of day they come out. Just like a raccoon comes out during the day when it's sick, a groundhog comes out at night if it's sick.

Ground hogs are diurnal (active during the daytime). If it is out during the night, something is wrong with it. Raccoons are nocturnal (active during the night time). Raccoons will be out during the day when they have to in search of food and may not necessarily be sick. Don't take a chance and approach any nocturnal animal during the day. It's a good idea not to approach any wild animal any time.

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Q: Do ground hogs appear at night?
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Are ground hogs herbivores?

yes. ground hogs are herbivores

Are ground hogs blind?

Ground hogs are blind at birth but not as an adult.

Is a ground hog nocturnal?

ground hogs are diurnal (active during the daytime). They sleep in their dens at night to escape predators.

Can ground hogs climb trees?

yes ground hogs can climb trees but they are usually on under the ground

Are groundhogs nocturnal animals?

Ground hogs are a member of the squirrel family. They are diurnal (active during the daytime). Nocturnal animals have large eyes for capturing light at night. Ground hogs (woodchucks) have small eyes and stay in their burrows at night for protection against predators.

Where do ground hogs live?

in the ground

What do ground hogs eat?

ground hogs eat plants so whatch out for your garden

Why do ground hogs chew on on automobile wiring?

Ground hogs like to chew on automotive wiring because they will chew anything that they have access to. Ground hogs can be found throughout the United States.

Do ground hogs live in the ground?

yes they do..

What do ground hogs have?

Ground hog day

What is the difference between groundhogs and moles?

moles are big creep ground hogs and ground hogs cuter

Why do a ground hogs migrate?


What ground hogs eat?

Ground hog day

Do ground hog eat at night?

Ground hogs are diurnal (active during the day). After dark they will generally hold up in their burrows for protection against predators.

Do ground hogs bite?

Yes. Ground hogs give nasty bites,they only bite if you corner them. Their afraid of us.

Do ground hogs hibernate?


Can ground hogs carry rabies?


What coler is a ground hog?

Ground hogs are generally brown.

How do wart hogs sleep at night?

They lay down on the ground and go to sleep, just like any other animal would.

Are hedge hogs ground hogs the same thing?

No tey awen't Im to yeas owd.

Do ground hogs attack people?

Typically no.

Do ground hogs dig holes?


Do ground hogs swim?

Yes they do swim.

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