Do guinea pigs know when there pregnant?

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Yes, the females will know when they are pregnant. Other females will know too if they are housed together. The males will know because the pregnant female will have nothing to do with the males if she is pregnant.

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Q: Do guinea pigs know when there pregnant?
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Do pregnant Guinea pigs run away from home?

Most Guinea Pigs becomes lazy when they are pregnant,so most Guinea Pigs will not run away from home.But,Pregnant Guinea Pigs must need more exercise.

How do you know guinea pigs are pregnant?

You will know if your guinea pig is pregnant if she is VERY large around the tummy. She will also eat and drink a bit more the usual.

How old can you breed girl guinea pigs?

guinea pigs get pregnant at 2 months

Do male guinea pigs get pregnant?


Can you put two pregnant guinea pigs in the same pen?

Well, when my two piggies were both pregnant, I put them both in the same pen/cage. But, I didn't know that my guinea pigs were prego but they were acting OK. Your guinea pigs might fight, they might not fight.

How do guinea pigs behave?

I had guinea pigs when I was little. two females, one was pregnant but we didn't know when we got her. she and the other one killed the babies when they were born.

Do guinea pigs get fat when pregnant?


Do guinea pigs sleep with there eyes open?

Guinea pigs DO sleep with their eyes open if you know about guinea pigs you REALLY should know this

What is the white milky stuff that comes out of the guinea pig?

usually, when my guinea pigs get pregnant, there pee turns milky white, but that is just with my guinea pigs, i don't know if other people have had different experience

How do guinea pig get pregnant?

Guinea Pigs get pregnant like everything in nature.....with a partner of the opposite gender. If the two guinea pigs like each other, they will mate and hopefully in two months, you'll have a few new guinea pigs! ^^

Can a baby guinea pig get pregnant?

Guinea Pigs can get pregnant from the age 6 weeks and up. x

Do you have to separate your pregnant guinea pig from other female guinea pigs?


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