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Do guinea pigs like grass?

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yes they do just like any other land animal just make sure there aren't any pesticides in the grass (like if bug killers were sprayed or put down) they could die from chemicals on grass. the pet is very likely to sneak a bite of grass while you're not looking

2007-06-18 04:18:44
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Q: Do guinea pigs like grass?
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How much wheat grass can guinea pigs have?

The guinea pigs can have as much wheat grass the guinea pigs can have.

What do guinea pigs like?

Guinea pigs like celarie and fruits and other vegies! (P.S. no grass can be posioned!)

Can you feed guinea pigs grass?

Oh yes, definitely. Guinea-pigs LURVE grass, it is their favourite food usually. In the wild, guinea-pigs live on grass, practically. And yes, there are wild guinea-pigs.

Do guinea pigs eat lemon grass?

Yes, Guinea Pigs like lemon grass. It's a tough grass, better for them than soft grasses or salads, for example.

Are bananas healthy for guinea pigs?

grass is what guinea pigs love and dandelions!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do guinea pigs like grass?

Because that is what they would eat in the wild.

What kind of food can eat guinea pigs?

The best brands of pellets are Kleeman's loft or Oxbow (alfalfa pellets are for pigs under 6 months, as alfalfa when given to older pigs can cause health problems- grass hay pellets are best for guinea pigs over 6 months). As for hay guinea pigs do best on grass hays like orchard grass, timothy hay, bermuda grass, or other grass hays. Check out the care guide for guinea pigs on for more guinea pig dietary advisement.

Can guinea pigs eat cat grass?

yes, guinea pigs can eat cat grass. But don't feed them to much or they could get sick.

What food guinea pigs like the most?

If you put them in the grass,you will see they eat plants and specially the grass, the grass is their favourite food.

Can guinea pigs go on grass at 8 weeks old?

Guinea pigs should be going on grass about since they are 1-2 weeks old because grass is part of there diet Guinea pigs should be going on grass about since they are 1-2 weeks old because grass is part of there diet

What are guinea pigs favorite foods?

Any thing that's fruit/ veggie or grass. Some things my guinea pigs like areCucumberParsleyBasilTomatoGrassCloverDandelionStrawberryGuava

Can guinea pigs eat green grass?

yes they can eat grass.

Is grass bad for guinea pigs?

YES, He/she can eat clovers, weeds, and grass! They love it!Improved:No, grass isn't bad for guinea pigs, it is actually very good for them and they enjoy it a ton!

Can i give my guinea pig grass?

Of course you can give guinea pigs grass. In the wild, that's what guinea pigs grow up eating. Make sure though that the grass does not have any chemicals or anything else on it that could make the Guinea Pig sick.

Can Guinea pigs eat timothy grass?

Guinea pigs can eat grass, and it is good for them. They can eat as much as they want. However, it is a good idea to make sure the grass doesn't have chemicals in it, and to dorm your guinea pig routinely, as parasite eggs can be found in grass.

Do baby guinea pigs eat grass?

Yes, they're like adults only minature

What can guinea pigs eat when they are outside?

Flowers and leaves are poisonous to guinea pigs but they can eat grass and dirt. Hope this helps!

Do guinea pigs like the outdoors?

You should let your guinea pig run around outside when its warm in a guinea pig run. you can buy these from pet stores. My guinea pigs love to have a good run around and eat grass outside.

What is the guinea pigs habitat like?

Ginnie pigs live in South America and they learn from their parents to survive on their own .They eat allot of grass.

Do guinea pigs like other guinea pigs?

It depends what type but most guinea pigs are friendly with others.

What do guinea pigs look like when they shed?

Like guinea pigs, but without fur.

What are two things that guinea pigs like?

what are two things guinea pigs like

What is the differences between pigs and guinea pigs?

pigs make ham and guinea pigs are like pets. they look like hamsters

What do iberian pigs eat?

Siberian guinea pigs eat the same things as other guinea pigs, hay (as their 'daily bread'), grains, grass, carrots and cucumber.

Can guinea pigs eat crab grass?

guinea pigs dont because i fed one to my guinea pig and he just sniffed it and when he ate it.....he spit it out!!!!gross huh?