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Hello, for guppies to be truly happy fish warm water is the go. Ive heard of some people having guppies in cold water but they arnt very successful and they normally die after a short while. Basically what u want to do with fish is do a bit of research on the wild habitat of that particular fish and try to match your tank setup close if not identical to that. Some fish are the exception tho depending on how they are bred, so check with ur aquarium first... Then u will have nothing but happy fish!

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Q: Do guppies have to have warm water?
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Do guppies have to have cold or warm water to servie?

Guppies are tropical fish and should be kept around 70F to 75F.

What kind of water does guppies live in warm or cold or hot?

Guppies live in warm tropical waters. However, they can be kept at about 70 degrees or more.

Were do guppies live?

guppies live in the shalow waters were its warm in the ocean.

Can guppies be with goldfish?

Guppies are a type of Tropical Fish. They prefer warm water, you need a heater. Which as for goldfish, they prefer cold water (NOT TO COLD!). Also, some LARGER goldfish WILL eat small fish such as guppies, if agressive. So no, they can't be mixed together.

Are guppies warm or cold blooded?

All fish are cold blooded. But Guppies are tropical fish.

Are guppies salt water fish?

No. Guppies live in fresh water.

Temperature ranges for cold water fish and warm water fish?

Cold water fish like gold fish prefer water in the range of 64-68. Warm water fish like guppies like 70-74 and can be even higher.

Can guppies survive in distilled water?

Guppies can survive in distilled water. Distilled water is even better because it has minerals to help the guppies stay healthier. But some of the minerals can harm the guppies and cause them to be unhealthy.

Do guppies live in the ocean?

No, guppies are fresh water fish.

What do guppies do to stay alive in the ocean?

Guppies are fresh water fish who will die in salt water.

Can guppies be found in ocean water?

No, guppies are a freshwater fish, and will die soon if in salt water.

Can guppies be with brisslenoses?

Guppies are compatible with Bristlenose catfish, the bristlenose being one of a few catfish that can live with guppies because of the guppies' water.

Is a guppy cold or warm blooded?

Guppies are cold-blooded.

What kind of water do guppies live in?

guppies live in freshwater not saltwater

What fish can live in both warm and cold water?

goldfish, sometimes minnows and even sometimes guppies and bettas but it depends on the range of temperature

Can guppy fish survive in warm water?

Guppies can live in water anywhere between 55-105 degrees F but they really like water in between 78 and 82 degrees F

Why do sharks eat guppies?

Sharks don't eat guppies. Sharks live in the Ocean, Guppies live in fresh water.

Why do the guppies swim at the top of the water near the heater?

Guppies are tropical and probably prefer the warmer water near the heater.

Does algae kill guppies in a week?

Algae is a water purifier and will not kill Guppies at all.

How much water do guppies need to stay alive?

For 2 guppies you need 2 gallons.

What is the temperature of a guppy fish?

guppies can thrive in water around 73 degrees- I keep my guppies in water ranging from 74 to 82 degrees.-

How many guppies can be in a 2.5 gallon tank?

Dependant on the size of the guppies. If they are adults and you do weekly partial water changes, you could put 4 -6 guppies in the tank, less if you don't change the water as often.

Can you keep a fresh water shrimp with guppies?

The guppies may well rip the legs off the shrimp.

Is a guppy cold-blooded or warm-blooded?

Guppies are cold-blooded.

Environment guppies live in?

fresh water