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i prefer redheads to any other color

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Why do guys like redheads?

we are unique :D

Do girls like guys with red hair and why?

== == I think guys like redheads period.

Do black guys like redheads?

yes I am black and I like redheads very much yes black men enjoy ANYTHING with two legs, and a Vagina.

Do guys like redheads more?

i think its difficult to define the choice of human being because they are all different with there choices

Are redheads hot?

yes redheads are hot and if you dont like them then go and die..........

Do girls like redheads?


Why are redheads called redheads?

Because they have red hair its not like they have a bright red head LOL

Does Niall Horan like redheads?


Do guys like blondes brunettes or redheads?

Most guys like brunettes. The media makes it look like guys like blondes because they apparently have a reputation of being easy, and "dumb", therefore they're not challenging. And of course the world has this perpetual habit of trying to keep the female race down, but actually guys are refreshed and fascinated by a challenge, (in spite of themselves). Blondes have the whole girl-next-door thing, but brunettes look.. different.... exotic... I prefer brunettes and redheads. Unless I just want a fling, but this is just one persons opinion. If you're blond, don't take it personally.

Do any one direction members like redheads?

It has been rumored/confirmed that Harry Styles has a soft spot for redheads.

Do the Jonas brothers like redheads?

I hope so!

Do black men like redheads?

only if there white

What is best blondes brunettes or redheads?

To me, the best is a brunette.Blonds are hotter than brunettes and redheads, they also know what they are doing. Trust me I'm an expert.The hair dye companies just love you guys. You should invest in them.

Who is more of a minority Arabs or redheads?


Do redheads like brunettes?

yes im a red head and i like a brunette

Were redheads killed during the holocaust?

No, redheads were not a target.

What type of women like lots of sex?

Redheads fictional ones.

Are redheads cute?

Yes, all the redheads I know are cute.

What do you think of redheads?

Full of redheads where im from. Some are sexy some are not.

Who is the patron saint of redheads?

Saint Fidelma

What are myths about redheads?

A common belief about redheads is that they are fiery-tempered. Other myths include redheads having no souls and that all of them come from Ireland.

Does Joe Jonas like redheads?

Yep. He likes all colors of hair.

What do boys like about redheads?

exactly what they like about blondes or brunettes. nobody should judge you about your hair but your personality.

Will redheads become extinct?

No, blondes are just as likely to become extinct as redheads are.

Why are redheads attractive to me?

it differs from person to person. For some it is natural to get attracted with redheads.

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