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It's the propellant gases in most cases that causes the problems to our invironment. Better to use hand pump sprays.

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Q: Do hair products harm the environment?
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Are Natural and Organic Hair Products the Same?

organic hair products contain chemicals which can harm and seriously damage our hair whereas natural are safe

Will a crimper iron harm my hair or will I need to use special products to protect it?

A crimper iron will not harm your hair as long as you do not overuse it. Make sure your hair is dry when you do use it.

Why is it important to manufacture things that are biodegradable?

Biodegradable products are easy to dispose of and rarely ever cause harm to the environment. By manufacturing such products, we ensure that the environment does not become polluted.

How does hair products affect your environment?

it populates the air by all the chemicals

How do Chinook Indians harm are environment?

Chinook Indians do not harm the environment.

In what way and why does waste harm the environment?

in what way and why doeswaste harm the environment?

Are cleaning products bad for the environment?

not all cleaning prouducts are bad. However some that have strong chemicals that do harm our enviorment.

Can compasses harm the environment?

Yes compasses can harm the environment if you lave it on the sheet .

Are there any products that will get rid of body hair without making bumpy rashes on some areas worse?

There are a couple products out there that don't harm the skin while removing hair. These products usually revolve around heat and light techniques. Among them is the home-based product No! No! which doesn't produce the rashes and what not after removing the hair.

How can you harm the environment by not decomposing?

we can harm the environment by not picing up garbage that is on the ground

Does straitening your hair harm you?

Excessive flat ironing the hair won't harm you, unless you accidentally burn yourself, but it will harm your hair. It scorches the hair, especially if the iron set at a high setting.

Does ethanol harm environment?

Ethanol doesn't harm the environment; and any person flows vodka in a river !