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Q: Do hamsters like to play with humans?
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How do hamsters reproduse?

Like humans.

What do hamsters like to play?

they like to play with sguiky balls

How do hamsters make babys?

Just like humans.

Do hamsters hatch from eggs?

Hamsters are mammals and (normally healthy) baby hamsters are born alive, just like humans and other mammals.

What do long haired hamsters like to do?

they like to play.

What is a hamsters worst food?

In that respect hamsters are like humans, each and every hamster has different likes and dislikes.

Can hamsters die of thirst?

yes just like humans

Are bunnies and hamsters cleaner then humans?

No! Because hamsters and bunnies don't know how to clean and take care of themselves like we do.

Do hamsters have dandruff?

Yes, hamsters can very well get dandruff, if they, like humans, produce too much oil in their subaceous glands.

Can hamsters talk to each other?

Hamsters don't actually "talk" to each other, but they do interact with each other. They don't have serious conversations like humans, although they do play games and have specific actions to express how they feel (with Dwarf Hamsters). Syrian Hamster fight each other because they are extremely territorial.

What do hamsters like to play on?

a hamster wheel of course

Do hamsters like to play?

yes i think so

What do hamsters liked to play?

Hamsers like to play with almost anything, but most of all, they like playing with you.

Can the hiccups kill hamsters?

no there just like humans it will go away with water

Can hamsters get pregnant by itself?

no, there must be a male hamster to impregnate them. (like humans, basically.)

How do human impact on hamsters?

How could humans have impact on hamsters

Are Hamsters smart?

Hamsters are not as smart as a dog or a dolphin. But they are able to understand that some humans feed them and other humans do not.

Do hamsters have fingers?

Yes they do have fingers but not fingers such as monkeys or humans. Hamsters fingers are more like paws. their fingers do not bend or can they grip things. Hamsters hold things using both of their front paws or their cheeks.

What do hamsters like to play with?

They like to play with wheels, other hamsters, run about balls, huts, gnawing sticks, and plastic tubes, but some hamster will like or dislike some of those things too. They also like toilet paper to shred on.

Can hamsters eat honey nut cheerios?

No. Hamsters are best kept away from sugary foods because it rots there teeth and they don't brush their teeth like humans!

Can hamsters become humans?


How do hamsters like to play?

Yes, hamsters love to run around and play, but be careful, they might run away! They should be able to run freely around a room at least twice a day for about 5 minutes.

What do hamsters like doing best?

Most hamsters sleep in the day that isn't because there bored it's because like we sleep at night they wake up at night and play and spin on there wheel but hamsters sleep in the day, female hamsters are mostly likely to be awake in the day and sleep at night that is how you can tell if your hamster is female or male. Most of the hamsters like to play and be handled and mostly play outside of their cage make sure you at least buy 2 to 3 toys for your hamster this will stop the hamster from being bored and it will keep your hamster nice and healthy.

Does hamsters do better alone or with other hamsters?

Hamster live better alone . Some hamsters even get in to fights with other Hamsters . It's not like they will get bore just play with them sometimes and put them in their hamster ball and they'll be fine . :p

What should hamsters play with on hamsters 2?

well they should play with toys on the game