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no u dnt as long as ur comfortable but make sure its appropriate for church :]

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What church does Selena Gomez go to?

Yes she does go to church,she is a very good,and nice person and she goes to church

You do not have to go to church to be a good Christian?

i think if you want to be a good christian then u probs have 2 go 2 church realyyy

What was sam houstons religion?

He was Cristian but back then it was just church. They would dress up go to the church sing use the Bible etc...

Which dress shoes for women would go good with a black dress?

Dress shoes such as heels or flats can go well with a black dress. Preferably not wedges of sandales. Make sure that the dress shoes are in black, or matching an accesory.

Which dress shirts are good for an evening out?

I'd go with a black and white dress shirt and some cuffs.

I will go to the church tomorrow.?

Whatever day you set apart to be with God is a good day to go to church

Good fancy dress ideas?

Go nude yay

What is a good thing to buy your girlfriend when you go to Japan?

a dress

Did edward iii have a good relationship with the church?

if you go to church when you are suppose to then yes

What sort of suits are best for kids to wear to Church?

Every church is different, some are more traditional and dress up, others are very casual. If you have the opportunity to be in the vicinity of the church on a day of services look to see how members are dressed leaving and entering the church. That should give you a good idea of how to dress your children when you visit there.

Will a green tie go with black dress pants and a white dress shirt?

yeah should look good

What church does Katy Perry go to?

of course the answer to this question is easy she goes to the church where her religion is for example i am Italian a go to a Italian church get it got it good

Two different sentences containing the word dress?

i wore a dress to church today. I can dress myself.

What shoes would go good with a peach dress?

LIme green.

Do you have to go to church regulary to get married in a church?

In reality, you do not have to go to church regularly to be married in a church. However, you need to be a follower of that church's religion to be married there, and going to church is a part of being a "good" follower.

Is it disrespectful to wear a du-rag in church?

Some church communities like to dress up in their best clothes to go to church, however, what you wear to church does not actually matter and a du-rag should not cause offence.

Are there any good dress up sites to go on? is a good site it has all kinds of games on it totally ok there you go!!! _____________________________________________________________________

Why do christians go to gospel church?

christians have to go to church that jesus christ can deliver them and when you're a good christian you might get a HUDGE ! Present from the lord Thats not exactly how it works. You dont get to heaven just because you are 'good' or you go to church. Your heart has to be in it.

What color of shoes goes with blue violet dress?

White shoes are a good match to go with a blue violet dress or black

What is a good crossdressing dare?

Go into a bridal shop and try on a wedding dress!

What colour would go with a gold dress?

black it goes good with anything!

What color would go good with a burgundy dress?

Black would go great, or a dark brown.

What is a good dress up website?

1. dress up who2. Girl go games3. I dress up4. rainbow dressup5. star doll

How do you make a wedding dress in China from the 1400s?

You can go on the Internet and look up fashions for the 1400's and print out the style of dress that you like and then have a good seamstress make the dress for you.

What to wear for church?

Sundays: jeans, good soes, polo Christmas: Black dress shoes, black dress pants, white, blue or red dress shirt, colorful tie Easter: Black, tan, navy suit, soild or striped tie, black dress soes