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coming from a womens perspective, no. Its just the saggy ones that's unattractive!


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Most gay men enjoying having their nipples pinched, sucked, bite on while having sex. Overtime their nipples will become more erect and grow in size. A: What rubbish! Gay men's nipples are just the same as any man's.

Yes. What almost always works is rub little curcles around your nipples, make it hard and do it daily and often! Thats how most people get big nipples.

Yes. Nipples are different depending on your skin type, color, etc. Having a tiny nose is just as normal.

depends if you want big nipples if you do just hook then up to a car battery if you are concernd about big nipples GET OVER IT!

womens nipples are big and pointy.

Not abnormally large nipples. If they are too big and widespread that's not attractive

No, nipples can be large without ever having a baby. In fact, the nipple size of a woman is not impacted by whether or not she has given birth.

The nipples get larger so as to better suckle the baby.

No. They have different sized different for different sized nipples.

raddits are big enough to bite of your nipples

You would need surgery or just let it stay. It is just a nipple

many guys want these things called nipples!! we r not sure why they are big? but the oppsite sex ( guys ) find they atractive!!!

Nipples come in all sizes; men's nipples also can range from very small to very large.

That is areola NOT nipple. Nipples obviously vary in size diameter and length,

TWEAK UM! When a woman is aroused her nipples harden. OR you could always turn down the heat cold nipples=hard nipples

It is actually very unattractive. When a girls smokes pot too often it makes her a very big pothead even if she thinks she's not.

Choose your parents carefully.

Nothing. Your nipples are probably similar to your mother's/father's. It's just genes & everyone is different.

Preparing to have puppies, the nipples enlarge so if she is fertilized she can feed the upcoming pups

Its because they don't have a big boobs and a big nipples.

yes they can but they wont be as big as a pregnant cat and they will be like a very light pink cause a pregnant cats nipples are very pink and big .

i think she is pregent . but only if her nipples are big and her tumy is swolon=)

No one does they want a soft looking nipple but big chest but small nipples

Every kitten has 8 nipples. This includes every boy kitty. Boy kitty nipples do not grow as big, and can never produce milk.

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