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What they REALLY do best is separate people from their money.

No, the only thing that is known to make people grow is HGH, Human Growth Hormone. But it's quite dangerous and shouldn't be used except in extreme circumstances and only under a doctors supervision.

I have been taking Peak Height Height maximizer for 2 months or so now and when i started i was 159cm tall and I am now 166cm tall... Im not sure if my stats are having an affect on my growth, i am turning 17 in around 4 months and I am probably due for a growth spurt, also Im female.... mmm not so sure if its the tablets or just mother nature, but I have noticeably grown taller... the tablets have all the ingredients and everything seems pretty safe, no side effects thank god.... hope this helps.

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โˆ™ 2010-07-25 11:44:15
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Q: Do height supplements really work
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How can you grow taller without height supplements?

I recommend to masturbate regularly, atleast twice a week! Believe me it's work!

Is there any way to increase height by exercise or by supplements after 21 years of age?

No way in hell there is no exercise or supplements that can increase height after the age of 21

I am 18 years old my height is 5'6 i am male are there supplements i can take to gain height?


Do hair loss supplements really work or are they just a gimmick?

Some hair loss supplements have been known to work. They do not guarantee any results, which can be a gamble. Try out the Hair Club for Men, It seems to have great reviews.

Food supplements which increase teenage boys height?

how much can be increase in height by the age of 21 years

Do enzyme supplements really work?

That's controversial. Professionals have varying opinions on the subject. They do, however, seem to be at consensus that it is beneficial to you in a variety of other ways:

Do brain function supplements really work?

Brain function supplements are usually made up of herbs, essential fatty acids and various vitamins and minerals. They are proven to enhance memory and protect the brain.

Do over the counter erectile dysfunction supplements actually work?

Over the counter erectile dysfunction supplements have not been proven to work. These supplements are also not approved by the FDA and can potentially be dangerous.

Do growth pills for height really work?

No growth pills for height do not work. If you have an underdeveloped pituitary gland your doctor may give you growth hormone shots that stimulate growth.

Do green tea supplements help with work outs?

Yes, sometimes tea supplements help with work outs. These tea supplements will give you energy that will assist you with working out for a while and give energy.

Does yoko height increser really work?

it is all depends on your genes, do suryanamaskar, yoga

What is the correct table height for a wheelchair user?

That really depends on the height of the person's legs while in the chair. Most normal sized tables work

How old do you have to be to buy supplements?

16, but you have to think weather or not you want to stop your body concentrating on your height and to start concentrating on your width and diameter as most supplements such as "Maximuscle" do so.

What is the minimum height for bodybuilding?

If u have a average height thats it....actually if you are like freakishly tall it is bit hard to gain strong visible ur height dosent really count if u work really hard and gain pure muscles....

Which joint supplements work?

Glucosamine w/Chondroitin

are fish oil supplements safe for bodybuilders?

Yes, fish oil supplements are safe for bodybuilders. You should take these supplements before you work out to maximize their potential. It will help tremendously.

Where can I find information on using acne supplements?

Well, you do not really need acne supplememnts if your son is a teenager, Ask your son to use clean and clear, and if that does not work proactive would most definetly work!

What are the best sports supplements out there? should work for you to find supplements that will best fit your needs, in this case for going to the gym. This way, you can find specific supplements for exactly what you need.

Are there any digestive health supplements?

There are probiotic supplements that can be taken. They have some really good tasting vanilla chewables. You can find them at Safeway or Vons.

What are the side effects of protein supplements i mean on people who work out?

The side effects of protein supplements is that they cause increased bowel movements.

What is the best muscle building supplement for a slim build male?

For an average guy there's really little need for supplements. An ordinary healthy diet will give you all the nutrients you'll be able to metabolise anyhow. Only people who work out really, really hard (and often) actually need supplements. They MIGHT do "normal" people some good only if they're not managing their diets.

What is a low dive?

A dive from a low height. Pretty simple really!!! :P A dive from a low height. Pretty simple really!!! :P A dive from a low height. Pretty simple really!!! :P A dive from a low height. Pretty simple really!!! :P

Do over the counter cholesterol lowering supplements really work?

They have not been shown to have any significant benefit. Some of them will lower it by a tiny amount but it will not be enough. You should really get the prescribed medicine to get it lower as high is very dangerous;

Why do football players need Supplements?

they don't really need supplements. Vitamin supplements generally make people healthier. If you're healthy, you're more physically fit than if you ate junk food.

What probiotics supplements work the best with bodybuilding?

A couple of good probiotic supplements that work well for bodybuilders are NOW BerryDophilus, Natrol Probiotic Intestinal Maximum Care, and Twinlab Super Probiotic.