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Since 2005, corporal punishment has been illegal in Thailand.

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Q: Do high school girls in Thailand get corporal punishment?
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Were girls in Victorian reformatories subject to corporal punishment?


What did they do to children in colonial schools if they did not behave well?

Corporal punishment was the order of the day, for both boys and girls. Mess about, be cheeky etc and expect the cane or the birch.

Did corporal punishments differ between boys and girls?

Prior to the Victorian era, there was no difference between the way boys and girls were given corporal punishment. Both sexes were beaten/flogged on their bare buttocks with canes or birches. As the Victorian era progressed, sensibilities and concerns arose regarding the propriety of punishing girls on their bottoms (especially bare), and there was a gradual move towards caning girls on their hands instead. However, boys continued to be caned or birched on their bottoms (bare in the case of birching) throughout the 19th and into the 20th century. This difference between the genders continued through to the abolition of corporal punishment in 1987, when girls could only legally be caned on their hands, but boys could still be caned on either their hands or (clothed) bottom. There was an exception with regard to the more informal punishment of slippering, which was popular through the 1950, 60s and 70s, which was usually done on the clothed bottom in respect of both sexes.

Is Murga punishment is for boys or for girls or for both?

Murga punishment is generally given to boys but sometime girls are also given murga punishment but in a milder way.You can classify it as a punishment for both

What does the Thailand girl do normally?

This question is too vague to answer correctly. Thailand girls do the same things that any other girl in the world would do, such as hanging out with their friends, attending school, and participating in extra curricular activities.

What was Helen Burns's punishment at school?

Helen Burns was a character in Charlotte Bronte's novel 'Jane Eyre'. The school that she attended was called 'Lowood' and was a strict religious boarding school for girls. Such schools, during the period of history in which the story is set, being the late Georgian/Regency era, would have used corporal punishment in the form of birching. The story gives an account of Helen being birched 'on her neck', but most commentators agree that 'neck' is almost undoubtedly a euphemism for 'bottom', the euphemism being used to avoid Victorian sensibilities about reference to that part of a girl's anatomy.

How many girls are in Girl Scouts of Thailand?

As of 2006, the Girl Guides Association of Thailand had 28,911 members.

How many boys and girls did king monkgut of thailand have?


Girls school or girls' school?

Girls school..... this means a school for girls. Girls' school is the possessive and would imply that the girls owned the school.

Why didn't Mr. Foley from the Rags to Riches Pilot send the girls to the Bridgewood School for Girls?

The school was way too strict: 1. No talking in the halls 2. Only classical music was allowed 3. Girls who misbehaved went to a punishment wall His ex-girlfriend, Carlotta wanted to send the girls there herself, but Nick broke up with her instead.

Were girls given the lochgelly tawse much?

it has been known for girls to be given the tawse, lochgelly?, any one know? or was it some other 2 tailed tawse, just as painful a sting to it though. must say its a myth that girls were treated leniently, not at my school. According to Mary McKenzie's "Rule of the Strap" as late as the first half of the 1900s, dedicated, conscientious and committed headmistresses frequently used the leather punishment strap to wear out the bare behinds of young teenage girls to keep them in line and to help them maintain their focus and sense of purpose and was the foundation of their disciplinary and correctional training regimen. There can be no doubt the leather spanking strap has always been a very effective and efficient method for establishing and maintaining strict discipline. In the end, most if not all young girls who felt the frequent sting of the strap on their bare behinds were better off for it and appreciated being corrected and trained in this manner. The fact is that young people expect, anticipate and need to be severely punished for stepping out of line, and, frankly, are disappointed when they are not punished. Over the years the leather punishment strap has been a very effective symbol of authority.

Is girls' boarding school possessive?

Yes, the form girls' is the plural possessive form of the noun girl.The girls' boarding school is the boarding school of the girls or the boarding school for girls.