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Yes, horned lizards live in the Sonoran Desert.


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No, desert horned lizards live in the deserts of the Southwest United States, not in the Atacama desert.

desert lizards are reptile which live in the desert.they have different characteristic. some time they are horned,spiny or even like snakes.

you can find a lot some include lizards snakes

Yes, javelina live in the Sonoran Desert. They also live in the Chihuahuan Desert

Yes, there are deer in the Sonoran Desert.

Some lizards are the Roundtail Horned Lizard , Flattail Horned Lizard, Regal, Texas Horned Lizard and Shorthorned Lizard.

Horned lizards primarily live in deserts and semi-arid grasslands.

snakes,sonoran desert toad,black widow spider,lizards,and a black scorpionlizards, camals, snakes, ostrich, roadrunner, meercat, caracal, Texas horned lizard, black widow, bark scorpion, sonoran, desert toad, cactus wren, lappet-faced vulture, black tailed jack rabbit, fennec fox, pronghorn, spotted hyena, sidewinder rattlesnake, Texas banded gecko,

The Sonoran Desert Kingsnake is found in both the Sonoran Desert and the Chihuahuan Desert.

The ocotillo live in the Sonoran Desert and Chihuahuan Desert.

The Joshua Tree yucca is primarily from the Mojave Desert, not the Sonoran Desert.

If there are mules in the Sonoran Desert they are on ranches or farms and not roaming wild.

Yes, jaguars live in the Sonoran Desert, primarily in mountainous regions.

no they no not live in burrows

The desert cottontail can be found in woodlands, grasslands, creosote brush and desert areas of the Sonoran Desert.

Yes, cougars and bears are occasionally seen in the Sonoran Desert.

In the Sonoran Desert and Mojave Desert.

No, lizards live in the desert

Desert lizards eat bugs that live in the desert.

People in the Sonoran Desert wear much the same clothing as people elsewhere. There is no particular uniform or mode of dress in the Sonoran Desert.

Millions of people live in the Sonoran Desert in such cities as Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, Hermosillo, Mexico, and others.

Camouflage is the horned lizards most effective defense combined with remaining very still. Horned lizards color patterns closely match the soil where they live. If the horned lizard spots its predator before it is spotted, it's first defense is to lay flat on the ground. This helps them eliminate their shadow.

Yes, it is a native of the Sonoran Desert.

An endangered species that live in the desert is the Desert Tortoise. It lives in the Mojave Desert and the Sonoran Desert.

The desert horned lizard is not able to adapt to cold conditions. That's why it lives in the desert.

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