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hotels do charge per rooms per person as well

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Q: Do hotels charge per person or per room?
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Do motels charge per person or per room?

if theres two persons staying have one person get the room while the other waits outside 4

How much does Hawthorne hotel charge per night?

The Hawthorne Hotels is a mid to higher priced hotel. They charge according to room size, the amount of persons staying in the room and any special needs you may have.

How are Leon Hotels' rates comparable to other hotels?

Leon Hotels are not a chain of hotels. However, there are hotels in the place Leon. The prices here vary from your top class hotels which charge over å£600 per night to your budget hotels which charge around å£20 per night.

How much laundry do hotels get through?

Hotels do an average of approx. 6.5 lbs of laundry per room; less in hotels that do have dining areas with fabric table cloths and napkins.

What prices are rooms in Embassy Suites Orlando?

Prices for hotels vary throughout the year, depending it's in or out of season. A room at the Embassy Suites vary from å£100 to å£120 per night per person.

What are the average rates of Orlando hotels?

The average hotel in Orlando will charge around $100 per night.

What does double occupancy mean in a hotel rate?

Single occupancy = one personDouble occupancy = two people------------------------A hotel room that is $100 per night, based on double occupancy, means the room is $100 per night whether one or two people stay there. Three people staying there would cost more than $100 per night."Per person based on double occupancy" means that the room rate is charged for each person who stays there, and they expect that two people will stay there.

What is the price range of the rooms of the Grand Hotel?

The Grand Hotel is a historic hotel on Macinac Island in Michigan. The charge for smaller rooms is $264 per person per night. A larger room during the tourist season will cost $389 per person per night.

How many square feet per person in a sleeping room?

2 person for 10x10 room

Does Extended Stay Hotel chain allow dogs?

Extended Stay Hotels do allow a single pet to stay in each room. They allow both cats and dogs, and charge $25.00 per night as a cleaning fee, up to $150.00.

What are the rates at the Marriott Asheville Hotels?

They range from $150 to about $220 per night for one room. There are many hotels to choose from there is the Residence Asheville Marriott and also the Renaissance Asheville Marriott.

What does a hotel room in Malacca cost per night?

The hotels in Malacca vary for price. There are some hotels that are on the cheaper side for someone on a small budget, then there are some that are higher priced for those who want to splurge. The average room cost is about $100 a night.