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Do hurricanes form in the mesosphere?


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No. Hurricanes occur in the troposphere, as does nearly all weather on earth.

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The mesosphere is the coldest layer in our atmosphere because it is right above the ozone layer.Hurricanes form in this layerMost meteors burn up in this layer, as well.

Yes, that is where hurricanes usually form.

Hurricanes do not form in the United States. All hurricanes form in the ocean, usually far away from land.

Arizona does not get hurricanes.

June-November, depending on what area the hurricanes form in

No. About 3% of hurricanes form out of season.

Hurricanes do not form along frontal boundaries.

Hurricanes form over the open ocean not on islands.

Yes. Hurricanes form over warm ocean water.

Hurricanes form over tropical ocean water.

No, hurricanes can only form over warm ocean water.

Hurricanes do not form over land or over cold ocean water.

Hurricanes form over warm ocean water.

Hurricanes can form in the Caribbean, but it is more common for the storms to form in the Atlantic, and then move into the Caribbean.

Hurricanes need warm ocean water to form. The waters near Canada are to cold for hurricanes to form.

June Hurricanes usually form in the Western Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

Hurricanes form over the Atlantic ocean, mainly in the united states.

Hurricanes form over warm water.

Nothing. Hurricanes can't form over land.

Hurricanes form over warm ocean water. Tornadoes can form just about anywhere.

Italy does not have hurricanes. Hurricanes form over tropical waters.

They form here because hot water makes hurricanes stronger, so in the tropics there is warm water there to strenghthen the hurricanes.

Hi Most hurricanes form in the Atlantic but they can form in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean as well. Typhoons form in the Pacific Ocean. A good site to learn about hurricanes is at:

Hurricanes, by definition, are tropical. They can only form over warm ocean water.

That is not true. Hurricanes form in the Atlantic Ocean every year.

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