Do hydrangeas stay green year round?


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Some do and some do not

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yes it does. It stays green all year round.

No, deciduous trees drop their leaves in the fall, coniferous trees stay green all year round. yes they do Not all conifers stay green all year round, for example the Larch. Evergreens stay green all year round, some are not conifers.

The Rainforest stay green all year round because forest that gets a lot of rain.

Because they are evergreen

they have a good water supply all year round

Evergreens, usually the pines. Deciduous lose their leaves in winter but evergreen stay green year round.

Maple trees do not stay green all year. Maple trees are deciduous. Maple leafs change colors in fall and then fall in winter.

no they ain'tyes they do because they are coniferous.

No they do not, unless it is one of the few all year round green trees.

What are two reasons snow would stay on the ground year-round

No they stay green year round, hence the name (ever-green).

No they do not stay green all year. False easier to understand

Yes they bloom year round if in a green house or tropical area.

I think it is the shadow right above the green mitten on the I-Spy year round challenger book.

All year round. the leopard seal stay within the antarctic regions all year round feeding on penguins, fish and other sea birds.

Green houses are good for growing food year round. If you have a good greenhouse hydroponic system you can grow food all year round. I would recommend getting a hydroponic system for your home.

Everlasting because of the evergreen plants that are green all year round

Synthetic grass makes your yard look well groomed, is easy to install, and makes your yard look nice because it looks "cut" all year round. Also your grass will stay nice and green year round.

No. Most camels are not wild and they stay with their owner year round.

No. Magpies stay in one area all year round.

Ireland is called the emerald isle due to year round rainfall. It allows plants to grow year round, this makes the countryside look very green. Emeralds are also green, people made a comparison that the land was always green much like how an emerald is green.

i think this is right if not sorry: during the winter male and female green woodpeckers live separately but stay in the nesting area all year round. sorry if not good answer.

year around. during winter and fall they stay underground

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