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No, liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen would be rather explosive and in fact has been used for rocket fuel.

Alternate answer: No, while water is comprised of Hydrogen and Oxygen, the two usually combine when in a gaseous form.


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hydrogen + oxygen = HO, hydroxide: hydrogen + oxygen + oxygen = H20, water

Yes. hydrogen and oxygen molecules form water.

because the hydrogen and oxygen react together creating water(the small droplets of liquid)

When hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water, water is a product of the reaction.

Hydrogen and oxygen will react explosively to form water.

think of H2Q water ? hydrogen and oxygen

Two answers Hydrogen and Oxygen i.e. water is 2 Hydrogen atoms bonded to 1 Oxygen atom. Steam is water in a gaseous form which when condensed returns to liquid water.

If water is being split into hydrogen and oxygen then a change of state (phase change) will occur if the water is in liquid form and the hydrogen and oxygen are evolved as gases. If water vapor is being split, then obviously no change of state occurs. Conversely, solid water in the form of ice could be split into hydrogen and oxygen gas, also undergoing a phase change.

No. Hydrogen and oxygen react with each other to form water.

Hydrogen and oxygen (H2O) form water. So there is one Hydrogen atom and 2 Oxygen atoms to make a water molecule.

Yes, you can turn water into oxygen and hydrogen gas with electricity; this process is called electrolysis.

False. Hydrogen and oxygen - both gases - combine to form water - a liquid.

The Water is the Product. The Hydrogen and Oxygen are the Reactants.

Two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom to form water.

Burning hydrogen in oxygen causes the water to form instantly.

Oxygen is normally a gas, however at very low temperatures (below -222oc) it changes to liquid form. Oxygen is a component part of water, one oxygen atom bonds with two hydrogen atoms to make a molecule of water.

Hydrogen and oxygen can combine to form different products. By far the most common product of hydrogen and oxygen is water, H2O. However, hydrogen and oxygen can also form hydrogen peroxide, H2O2

Hydrogen an react with oxygen to form water and not helium

No. When in the form of water, hydrogen and oxygen form a compound, which is a pure substance.

Water (H2O) consists of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. The electrolysis of water can separate the hydrogen and the oxygen. When electricity travels through water between two electrodes (+ and -), the hydrogen and oxygen split. At one electrode oxygen gas will form. At the other, hydrogen gas will form.

The molecules of water are held together by hydrogen bonding between molecules.These are electrostatic bonds (attraction forces between opposite charges) that hydrogen makes with the oxygen of neighbouring molecules. Hydrogen, when bonded to oxygen to form water molecules, is slightly positive and the oxygen in the water molecule is slightly negative. Hydrogen gets attracted to the neighbouring slightly negative oxygen atoms.This is great for life on Earth because small molecules the size of water tend to be gases but water is a liquid. It is a liquid due to the hydrogen bonding between molecules.

If you add thermal energy to a mixture of oxygen gas and hydrogen gas, water will be produced in the form of water vapor.

Hydrogen and oxygen undergo combination reaction to form water.When hydrogen and oxygen react together, water is formed.

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