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Do iPod touch fourth generations require a data plan?


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no iPod touch 4th generations do not require a data plan

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not always, if you go to verizon wireless website, there are many touch phones that dont require a data plan. ENJOY!

You do not have to purchase a data plan with a touch screen device. However, a lot of our touch screen phones require an agreement to have the data plan for a year to receive a rebate.

It does not require one. You can always get it though. With Verizon, it's around $30 a month. Only smartphones and Blackberrys require a data plan.

This phone, although it has a touch screen is a basic phone, meaning there is no data package required. Because this phone is supported by Verizon there is an available $10 reduced data package just for email.

If this is in reference to Verizon's LG Chocolate Touch, then yes it requires the minimum $9.99 data plan.

An LG Extravert its a touch and a qwerty keyboard ,but just so you know that all smartphones really requires a data plans if you have anything in mind.

It is not necessary for you to purchase the data plan if you buy a touch screen phone. However, a lot of nTelos' phones have rebates that you receive with them that require at least a year on the data plan. Also, being that they are touch screen if data is accessed and there is no package on the acount you would be responsible unless it's blocked.

Many touch screen phones do not require you to buy a data plan. However, some touch screen smart phones require this plant o be bought. It ultimately depends on the service provider and the phone you are buying.

All PDAs, Smartphones, and Blackberry phones require a data package of $29.99 or more. The Samsung Rogue and LG EnV Touch also require a subscription to a $9.99 or $19.99 data package or they can be put on a Connect or Premium plan.

In my opinion, the best phone from Verizon that does not require a data plan is the lg cosmos touch. It is a touch screen slider with a qwerty keyboard, texting, games, mobile email, and many more awesome features. I don't have it yet, but I'm getting it as my upgrade this week.

the LG Fathom does require a data package.

The iPod Touch has no 3G capabilities, so you cannot get a data plan for it

Yes all htc phones require the data plane

No, the Envy Touch is a basic phone. At one time, it did require a 10MB data plan but it doesn't carry the fuctions of a smartphone and Verizon Wireless never considered it a smartphone. It is basic phone.

Input as your using touch to control it and to INPUT data. Output too- Outputs data.

if you would prefer a phone with a touch screen that still slides out text then I would say the cosmos touch is better. If you would prefer a phone that is not a touch screen but still flips up to text i would go with the octane. Both are from Verizon and neither require a data plan.

Chrome does not require data in GB's. It just requires a few hundred MB's of data to work with.

no this phone does not reqire a data package

The Samsung Seek from sprint is touch screen somewhat and doesnt need a data package !!

The first generation used vacuum tubes, the second used transistors, the third used integrated circuits, and the fourth used integrated circuits on a single computer chip.

Most phones do not require a data plan. But with Samsung, I have always had great service without the data plan, and i dont believe you need the plan for the phone to be great.

Yes. All smartphones on the Verizon Wireless network such as the Droid X currently require a monthly data plan

Perceptual data: The sensations (data) we perceive through our senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and balance .e.g. A reaction like withdrawing your hand from something that is painful to touch.

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