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Technically it won't matter as the hot water is made from incoming cold water. However it would be cheaper to turn on the cold water and let it run very slowly, more than a drip. If you leave the hot open, the heater will be turning on and off all night.

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How does the vacuum flask keep things hot and cold?

it keeps things hot and cold by when you turn it on you actuall using electricity so it turns hot hen cold

How do you fix spaghetti to pour sauce over rinse in cold or hot water?

I always turn on both cold and hot cold water so that the water is warm.

Is snow hot or cold?

snow is cold. you are so cold, that your mouth seems warmer. so when you eat snow, you are so cold you think your mouth is hot making the snow hot.

How cold is lightning?

Its not cold its hot. Its so hot that it is considered to be a form of plasma.

Would you rather drink a cold milkshake in the cold or drink hot chacolate in the hot?

Well in my opinion, I would drink a hot chocolate in hot areas because you won't really be feeling much heat if it's hot since you don't want to drink something in one go otherwise it will burn so the hot chocolate will turn cold soon anyway.

How can you tell hot from cold?

usually the hot will be steaming so you know that is hot and what is not steaming could be cold

Is outer space cold or hot?

Cold. About three degrees Kelvin. Cold, but it also could be hot depending on how close to the sun you are. so its cold and hot!!

Is it hot or cold outside?

It is cold outside where I am, but is hot outside where others are. So it depends on where you are.

When using the kitchen sink why does the water in the shower upstairs go hot or cold?

The plaming tubes are all conected.When the cold water run in kitchen the cold water at the shower become less,so with less cold water at the mix cold-hot (the balance is desterb),making the water hoter.Same if you turn on the hot in the kitchen the water will be colder in the shower.

What is a measure of how hot or cold a substance is?

How hot or cold a substance is the temperature, so a thermometer will measure it.

Can you keep hot things in refrigerators?

You can put hot things in the refrigerator. But the main job of the refrigeratoris to "refrigerate" ... take heat away from hot things and make them cold. Sothe hot thing that you put in there won't stay hot, unless it's in an insulatedcontainer. Otherwise, it'll turn into a cold thing.

How do you get rid of your headaches?

take a hot bath with skin so soft, and also rest and turn off the lights and keep cold sometimes being to hot gives you headaches

Why does the moon get so cold and so hot?

It gets hot and cold. Hot because there is no atmosphere so the sun's rays get in much easily. Cold because there is not atmosphere to trap the heat and don't forget the moon rotates so it still has day and night.

Why is the atmosphere on mercury so hot and so cold?

mercurys atmosphere is hot when niko serdenes is there and cold when he leaves and lena takes his place.

Why does cold air sink?

Because cold air is heavier than hot air. also hot air is hot so its lighter. Plus cold air is very cold and it have heavy winds to it so it's heavier.This is very true

How does thermal energy move from hot to cold or cold to hot?

It moves from hot to cold. Cold is not a thing, it is actually the absence of heat. All heat is is vibrations of particles so, something that is "hot" is just vibrating much quicker than something that is "cold"

Why you are pale when you are cold and red when you are hot?

Easy, temperature. An example is lava. Lava is so hot, it is red. Snow, it is so cold because it is white.

Is 77 degrees Fahrenheit cold or hot?

kind of cold and its kind of hot so if you would just mix them together than you would get warm so I think it is gonna be warm not hot or cold just warm

Is the equater hot or cold?

It is so, so hot that's why in Egypt it is so dry because it is close to the Equator.

Is Ceres hot or cold?

It's in the middle of the Asteroid belt so it's neither hot nor cold. I think.

Would going to the beach make my cold worse?

well usually when you go to the beach you get hot. so if you are cold, you will get hot :]

Why is the weather so cold?

The weather is so cold because of the seasons. It is cold in the winter, semi warm and cold in the spring and fall, and hot in the summer.

Why is the compressor so hot on the refrigerator and no cold air is blowing out?

The compressor is so hot b/c there are fans inside that push the hot air out of the refrigerator. No cold air is blowing out b/c the cold air is going into the fridge.

Is 75 degrees hot?

It's not hot or cold. It's so so wich is a nice weather.

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