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Do ice cubes help you lose weight?


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Sadly, ice cubes DO NOT help you lose weight! They are only frozen water and water DOES NOT help you lose weight! I have no idea why you have asked that!


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You cannot gain weight by eating ice. Ice is water and water is used to hydrate the body. This may actually help you lose weight.

Dont put them in your mouth that should help

ice cubes that melt are called as melting ice cubes

Because to become a solid, ice has to lose its heat that's present in liquid form.

The colder ice cubes would take longer to melt than the hot ice cubes...

Can somebody please help me with this question? Does ice cubes melt faster inside or outside temperatures?

They do have ice cubes in Germany.

I don't know work it out!

That's kind of not how it works. You can't lose weight by "eating ice all day."

The weight of one gallon of ice cubes is 3.785 kilograms. This is equal to 3,785 grams or 8.345 pounds or 8 pounds 5.526 ounces.

what happpens when you heat ice cubes

Sugar has very little effect on melting point - it is too high molecular weight. That might answer your question, which does not make sense as written. Thus, it melts faster with sugar, because other ice cubes slow melting.

They shouldn't, ice cubes should float if they are only ice (water).

The ice cubes are in the ice cream parlor

you are sexually frustrated and should seak help

Ice cubes are solid water.

No, water is more dense than ice cubes. That's why ice cubes always float.

well the ice cubes will disappear and the ice cubes make the water bigger because the ice cubes will melt into water!

The volume decreases. Ice is less dense than water. Put another way, a given weight of water can be stored in a smaller volume than the same weight of ice. Another possible, but also possibly less helpful, answer is that ice cubes get smaller as they melt because they lose content as the water in them runs off as a liquid.

Well, you can't loose weight by eating something i can tell you that but i know something that could help you out here is what you need: A blender Organic fruits (nice and heavy the heavier the juicier) (If you are a person who likes sweet but no weight then use sugar free like splenda i prefer real sugar though) And 2 or three ice cubes Put the fruit, (sugar), and ice cubes in the blender and you have a perfect smoothie tasty, low fat, and less calories then other smoothies, and fresh too! Hope it helped!

Small ice cubes freeze faster given the same temperature and environment.

people want their ice cubes to last longer, so if you make ice cubes in a different shape so they melt slower, people will be happier.

It depends on the size of the ice cubes and the surrounding temperature.

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