Do impalas eat shrubs

Updated: 11/17/2022
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yes. they eat shrubs, grasses, herbs and leaves

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Q: Do impalas eat shrubs
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Can alligators eat impalas?

They can eat malibus, but impalas are a little too big

What type of plant do impalas eat?

They're antelope which are essentially by nature herbivorous, so your answer is yes!

Do hyenas eat impalas?


Does a goat eat shrubs?

Yes. They eat all kind of shrubs.!

How do hummingbirds eat shrubs?

Hummingbirds don't eat shrubs at all.

What eat impalas?

They eat grasses, leaves, and fruit. They eat grasses, leaves, and fruit.

What does a zebra eat accept grass and hay?

they eat shrubs and grasses they eat shrubs and grasses

What kind of fruit do impalas eat?

grass and some fruits

Do wild dogs eat impalas?

I'm pretty sure they do.

Do crabs eat shrubs?

Crabs are generally sea-dwelling, while shrubs grow on land. Not much chance for crabs to eat shrubs.

What do wilbeast eat?

Grasses and shrubs.

What does an African lion eat and what does the animal it eats eat?

They generally eat impalas, wildebeest and zebra. They are opportunistic eaters and will eat other prey if necessary.