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grass and some fruits

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Q: What kind of fruit do impalas eat?
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What eat impalas?

They eat grasses, leaves, and fruit. They eat grasses, leaves, and fruit.

Can alligators eat impalas?

They can eat malibus, but impalas are a little too big

What is a impalas diet?

grasses seeds fruit leaves,plants

Do hyenas eat impalas?


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The kind of fruit idiots eat.

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What kind of things do cheetahs eat?

A cheetahs diet is mainly gazelles, they do sometimes eat impalas and gazelles. They have also been known to eat birds, lizards, or even insects if they are really hungry.

Do impalas eat shrubs?

yes. they eat shrubs, grasses, herbs and leaves

What kind of fruit does baby falcon eat?

Baby falcons do not eat fruit. They are carnivores (meat eaters).

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what does a crested guan eat