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I don't think tht inkjet cartridge refill kits work as well as brand new ones. I don't think there is as much ink in cartridges that are refilled. At least mine don't last as long.

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Q: Do inkjet cartridge refill kits work as good as brand new inkjet cartridges?
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Is inkjet printer ink easy to refill?

Inkjet printer cartridges vary in ease to refill depending both on the brand and the refill kit. There are however companies that specialize in refilling cartridges and that would definitely be the easiest option.

Which brand is the best in toner and inkjet cartridges?

Usually the same brand as the printer you are using the cartridges in.

Which brand of HP inkjet cartridge is known to last the longest?

HP 95 Tri-Color and HP 99 Photo Inkjet Print Cartridges are probably the longest lasting in my opinion.

Does the Uni-Kit All-Brand Inkjet Refill Kit Combo come with cleaner?

The Uni-Kit All-Brand Inkjet Refill Kit Combo does come with cleaner.

How do you refill ink in to the printer?

get the cartridges out of the printer, then buy some new ones & put them in the exact same place as the old ones There are refill-kits available. There are shops that will refill the cartridges for you. Most printer makers don't recommend using any other ink but their own brand. Some cartridges have a computer chip fitted inside the cartridge to prevent the refilled cartridge being registered and used by the printer!

What is the cheapest price for inkjet cartridges?

It will depend on the type of printer you have (both make and model), the size of the cartridge (number of pages it will print) and whether you want a refilled cartridge, a new brand name one or a no name one

What are there for toner cartridges when it comes to printers?

The name of the toner cartridges depends on the brand of your printer, although in rare cases, generic cartridges will suffice. Do you have an inkjet printer or a laser printer? What model is it? My advice is to find your manual and read about your printer and the corresponding cartridge needed.

If I refill an ink cartridge, does it matter whether the ink is the same brand as the cartridge?

not reaally on the refill ink kit, it will tell you if its compatible to your ink cartridge to fill

Is there a generic version of an HP inkjet cartridge?

Fortunately, there are generic versions of the HP inkjet cartridge. You can find these online and they are sometimes significantly less than the name brand.

Where can I buy cheap cartridges for inkjet printers online? is one site. If you look up on the computer for inkjet printer cartridges, you can find a load of them. One thing though is you need to know if your printer has any form of computer chip in it to detect the balance of ink. If it does then refill kits or off brand cartridges will not work Source(s): Had same problem with an HP all in one!

Low Cost Inkjet Cartridges and Printers?

As technology advances, printers are becoming more dependable, while printing supplies are becoming more affordable. The early days of inkjet cartridges were very frustrating, with replacement cartridges being costly. The alternative to high prices was messy refill kits, which often produced inferior printing. The current pricing on inkjet cartridges is much more budget friendly, and the quality of inks in brand name products is more dependable. Inkjet printers remain the predominant choice of consumers due to the low costs and great quality.

Searching for a Compatible Inkjet Cartridge?

When you are looking for a compatible inkjet cartridge, there are certain numbers that you should be searching for on the cartridge itself. These are usually numbers prominently displayed on the side of the cartridge, but they could also be hidden somewhere, depending on the brand of cartridge that your printer commonly takes.

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