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Yes. One of the biggest values to us humans is that they are vital for pollenization many of our crop species.

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Does Mars have any humans or insects or plants on Mars?

No. There is no evidence of any life of Mars, certainly not multicellular life.

What are silverfish?

It is a primitive kind of insect. It differs from most insects in that it has no wings at any stage of its life.

How do frogs and toads contribute to global warming?

They don't. Any carbon dioxide that animals and insects exhale is part of the carbon cycle and has no effect on global warming.

Are there any insects that sweat?

No; insects don't sweat.

Cash Value of whole life insurance?

Cash value of whole life insurance is referred to as the "Cash Surrender Value". The cash surrender value is money the policyholder is supposed to receive from the insurance company when surrendering the whole life insurance policy with cash value. The cash surrender value amount due is the sum of the cash value stated in the whole life insurance policy minus any surrender charge and any outstanding loans and interest due on the loans.

Can you name any 10 migratory insects?

migratory insects?

Do any insects eat gnats?

No no insects but we do know that a bat will

How can you calculate a motorcycle's depreciation value?

Formula for calculating depreciation value Annual depreciation value = (Total cost - salvage value (if any) ) / useful life

Why is 10K gold jewelry sometimes more expensive than 14K?

Carat value is not the only value in jewelry; craftsmanship, age, demand on the market, and the gems in the piece all contribute to the final value of any jewelry.

I have and old life policy does it have any value lIFE CasualtyCo. of Tn.issued 1957. I am checking so to update my files?

yes it has value!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Can any insects swim?

a long time ago insects ruled the sea . as for now ,some Insects do .

What do insects eat in the Sahara desert?

Any kind of insects they can find.

What are the terms depreciable value salvage value and estimated life mean?

Depreciable Value: It is the value of asset up to which any asset can be depreciated. Salvage Value: It is the value which a company can get on sale of fully depreciated asset. Estimated useful Life: It is that life of an assets which a company determine at the time of purchase for which an asset can be utilized in business to generate revenue.

Can you borrow money against your life policy?

Yes, if your life insurance policy has accumulated cash value. Not all life insurance policies will accumulate cash value: for example, term life insurance policies will not accumulate any cash value. Whole Life and Universal life policies can accumulate cash value and the policy owner can take loans in the limit of the cash value (some companies limit loans to 70 - 80% of the cash value).

Why are insects important in food chain?

If there wasn't any insects the things that eats insects, there would be too many.

Do catepilars have back bones?

Caterpillars and the resulting adult insects are all invertebrates. They do not possess a spine or any other bones at any time during their life cycle.

Is there any other name for insects?

Yes there is. Another name for insects is bugs.

Are any insects atracted to any colours?


How much does a baby insect weigh?

The weight of an insect at any stage in its life depends on its species. Insects vary greatly in size and weight.

What spiders eat other spiders?

Any spiders. Think of it like this what could you eat without being killed and life-sized lving thing (like elephants) killing you. Insects lives by eating other insects and animals kills other animals and some insects and plants.

What insects do moths eat?

Moths do not eat any insects! they eat silk only!

What plants attract insects?

the plants which produce flowers or have any secretions will attract the insects

Are there any insects that are mammals?

nope no

Are there Any Unamed Insects?


Do any insects have two brains?


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