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heat energy and intermolecular forces cause phase changes.

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Q: Do intermolecular forces change during phase changes?
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The thing that changes during a change of state is the intermolecular forces are disrupted. The temperature will not change because all of the energy is going into disrupting or organizing the intermolecular forces.

Why does temperature stay constant during a phase of change?

Because energy is being used to overcome intermolecular forces.

What are the three factors that are affected during phase change in matter?

Three factors affected during a phase change would be temperature, pressure and intermolecular forces/internal energy.

Why does temperature no change during energy phase change?

During a phase change, the heat transferred to a substance is used to break intermolecular forces (latent heat), and thus the temperature of the substance does not change. The opposite also occurs: heat is transferred from a substance during a phase change without a decrease in temperature as intermolecular bonds form.

Why does the temperature of any substance remain constant during the change of a state?

because energy is required to break the intermolecular forces in the molecule

What intermolecular forces are in c8h18?

The only intermolecular forces in this long hydrocarbon will be dispersion forces.

What is the intermolecular forces of CH3F?

These are polar forces, intermolecular forces of attraction between molecules.

Does intermolecular force change from solid to liquid or liquid to gas?

Yes,intermolecular forces are weaker in gas.Much stronger in solid

What intermolecular forces are present in NO?

The intermolecular forces operating in NO would be dipole interactions and dispersion forces.

What is the intermolecular force of Ch2Br2?

Dipole forces and London forces are present as intermolecular forces in these molecules.

How are intermolecular forces and solubility related?

The greater the intermolecular forces, the greater the solubility.

What are the Intermolecular forces of 1-(2-propoxy2-methyl)-butane?

The intermolecular forces would be dispersion forces.

What are the intermolecular forces in gasoline?

Pretty much the only intermolecular forces in gasoline would be London dispersion forces.

What type of intermolecular force of Br2?

In Br2 the intermolecular forces are London dispersion forces.

What changes occur at the molecule level when butter melts in a hot pan?

The intermolecular forces are weakened.

What are the intermolecular force of propanol?

The intermolecular forces of propanol are hydrogen bonding, dipole-dipole forces and London dispersion forces.

What holds large numbers of different molecules together intermolecular forces intramolecular forces polarity or heat?

intermolecular forces

How are intermolecular forces different from forces that bind atoms together into molecules?

1. Intermolecular forces are the forces between molecules, while chemical bonds are the forces within molecules. 2. Chemical bonds combine atoms into molecules, thus forming chemical substances, while intermolecular forces bind molecules together. 3. Chemical bonding involves the sharing or transferring of electrons, while intermolecular forces do not change the electron stucture of atoms. 4. Intermolecular forces hold objects together, while chemical bonds hold molecules together.

How does surface tension depend on intermolecular forces?

surface tension increases with increasing intermolecular forces

What is the intermolecular force of F2?

London forces are the only intermolecular forces present in gaseous fluorine.

What can you say about the relative strength of the intermolecular forces in the two compounds?

The intermolecular forces in acetone are weaker.

Which forces internal or intermolecular must be broken for methyl alcohol to evaporate?

These are intermolecular forces.

How do intermolecular forces affect surface tension?

surface tension increases as intermolecular forces increase

What intermolecular forces must be overcome in order to change the crisco from a solid to a liquid?

you melt it...

What are the intermolecular forces in C3H8?

Dispersion forces

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