Do jag officers see combat

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: Do jag officers see combat
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What is a military lawyer called?

Military lawyers work for the Judge Advocate General, or JAG. They are often referred to as JAG Officers.

What is the navy term for lawyer?

JAG is the term often used. It stands for Judge Advocate General's Corps. JAG officers are licensed attorneys.

Did the Army or the Navy lose more flag officers due to combat during World War 2?

The US Army lost 11 General Officers in combat in WW-II.

Do marine Officers go in combat?

yes Marine officers to go in combat. Atleast mine did Yes. If a Marine officer's job takes them and their Marines into harms way, they will go into combat regardless of his military occupational specialty (MOS). Every Marine is a rifleman. Every Marine officer is trained as an infantry officer first. Marine pilots are all officers. Squadrons are in the odd position of the enlisted men sending their officers out to fight (with the exception of the enlisted men who are gunners on aircraft with crew served weapons).

How much does jag corp officers get paid?

after the six months of initial training, a jag mKes about $40,000, plus about $600 for basic use with your free housing, and a couple hundred for BAS( bas allowance for sustinence).

Do army officers fight in combat?

Absolutely. The role of the officer is as varied as nco and non-officer roles. Officers may command platoons, combat vehicles, aircraft, ships, etc. Usually the rank defines the role an officer plays.

Can you become a lawyer from the military?

Yes, they belong to the Judge Advocate general Corps. They are called JAG Officers for short or sometimes called JAGOFF

What does jag ser dig också vännen mean?

This is Swedish means "I see (that) you also won". No it does not mean that.. "Jag ser dig också vännen" means I see you too my friend, or I also see you my friend.

Is there a penalty for lying to the military about marital status?

See JAG.

Did German officers of World War 2 wear helmets?

not all the time they only wore helmets in combat but they were hardly ever in combat so yes they did

What is the required education for a combat engineer?

A high school diploma for the enlisted. A bachelor degree for officers.

What helped compensate for heavy combat losses of officers in World War 1?

Improved NCO training helped to compensate for the losses of officers in World War 1.