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Yes jaguars live in the jungle.

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In what place do jaguars live?

Jaguars live in savannas in the jungle.

Do Jaguar live in the jungle?

Yes jaguars live in the jungle.

Do jaguars live in jungles?

Yes jaguars do live in the south American jungle.

Where do jaguars live and what country?

Jaguars live in the jungle in Central america By Reagan!

Where do jaguars and cheetahs live?

Jaguars are jungle cats and cheetahs live on the savannah.

Why do jaguars live in the jungle?

because its their habitat

What type of animals live in a jungle?

Jaguars leopard and gecios

Do jaguars eat gorillas?

Basically no. Gorillas live in dense African jungle. Jaguars live in Amazon rainforest . They had never met.

What endangered mammals live in the jungle?

Several. Orangutans, gorillas, tapirs, jaguars...

Which animal is the ''king of the jungle''?

The lion is called the "king of the jungle"but this is in error. Lions do not live in the jungle and tend to prefer the savanna. Tigers and jaguars do live in jungles and rainforests so would be more accurately credited with this title.

What are some jungle carnivores?

Jaguars and pantherss

Do panthers live in the jungle or forest?

A jungle IS a kind of forest. Panther is not a defined animal species, but a name commonly associated with several of the big cats. Usually black leopards and jaguars. ANd those do live in Forests.

What animal is a jungle scavenger?

sometimes snakes and jaguars

How are cockatoos and jaguars alike?

They are natives of the jungle environment.

What animals live in amazon jungle?

sloths, spiders, monkeys, tigers, jaguars, snakes, ant eaters, parrots things like that

What sound does a jungle cat make?

There is no species called a jungle cat but there are a number of species that live in the jungle - jaguars, pumas, ocelots, jaguarundis, etc., and each has a distinctive sound.

Do cheetahs live in the forest or jungle?

A jungle IS a kind of forest. They live in the Savannah Cheetahs don't live in Forests. Cheetahs hunt by speed, which doesn't work very well in dense growth. They need open space to run down their prey. Well there are trees in Africa that make kind of a forest like area, but no, cheetahs do not live in the forest. You may be thinking of jaguars or leopards. Lots of people mistake cheetahs for jaguars or leopards. People think that lions live in the jungle, but they are incorrect.

Where do jaguars live in the rainforest?

Jaguars live on the forest floor

What rainforest jaguars live in?

jaguars live in the amazon rain forest

Where are black jaguars found?

Black jaguars are found in Central to South America near swamps and in the dense jungle.

Do jaguars live in Australia?

No, jaguars are strictly animals of the Americas. They do not live in Australia.

How long do Africa jaguars live?

Africa jaguars live for about 20 years

Do jaguars eat bears?

No. Bears are not where jaguars live.

Do jaguars live in Florida?

Yes there are Jaguars in Florida

Do jaguars eat koala?

No. Jaguars do not live in Australia, which is the only place where koalas live.