Do jaybird head phones connect with the iPod touch?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: Do jaybird head phones connect with the iPod touch?
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I have a lg phone it wont connect with my ihip head phones why i tried all the normal onnect methods?

If an LG phone will not connect with head phones the phone is probably broken. The best thing you can do is call the phone company and tell them.

How do you listen to music on your kindle touch?

you have to plug the head phones in couse it might help

Can thrid generation play music without head phones?

It depends. What kind? Touch, Shuffle...

Can you listen to ipod touch 16gb without using head phones?

As long as it is not a first generation iPod touch it should have built in speakers.

What comes in the box with the iPod touch?

head phones, the ipod touch, polishing cloth, charging cord, instruction manual, and docking station.

Speakers for iPod Touch?

the 2nd generation ipod touch has built in speakers so you do not need head phones. If you have any questions on the ipod touch contact me, Iexpert

How do you put your recordings on the internet for people to hear?

to hear my recording on internet for others i put connect with the head phones to helpout

Do Ipod touch 4Gs come with the head phones that have the mic attached like the ones that come with the Iphone 4?


What are the safest type of headphones phones for an ipod?

the safest type is the white ones that come with the ipod touch or if you didnt get the head phones you can always go and get some wherever you got your ipod from!

Why are head-phones called head-phones when they are not exactly head PHONES?

well if you talking about the phone parts it because they look like phones and you put them in a ipod or a computer so then it like talks to ya :) i have 1000 head phones

What year were head phones invented?

what year were the head phones invented

What year were the head phones invented?

what year were the head phones invented