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John Cena doesn't date, his wife doesn't allow him to.

John Cena doesn't care if a girl is poor or rich,alls he cares about is someone who is going to treat him well,and someone who he really cares about.

July 24, 2008 no he doesn't well if he did he would be in jail

No John cena will not date fans cause he is famous the fans are not and plus it will affect his wrestling relationship

they used to date but now john cena has a wife and two daughters. he has a wife he doesnt have children yet

John cena is not raisis at all. he always hanging with black people

qeustion:did john cena dated torrie wilon anser:yes

Wrong, John Cena is currently Married to Elizabeth Huberdeau who is now names Elizabeth Cena

John Cena has dated a Black Girl before, but her name has not been released on the internet

Yes John Cena kissed Aj Lee so there going out on a date (not married)

No they have never dated!!

we don't now maybe you must ask john cena by himself

yes, John Cena owns a limited edition black Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.

John cena dont have nude photos.... he always have pants... sorry girls....

Yes John Cena is 39 years old since his birth date was on April 23rd, 1977.

John Cena drives a black mustang with two gold stripes going up it.

john like girls, but not any girl

no she is not but john cena is hot for her

He chooses the girl he wants.

John and Liz are engaged, but have not set a wedding date yet.

yes. they are currently dating again now. john cena and nikka bella's relationship didnt work out, but kaitlyn and john cena are together now instead of nikki bella

John Cena did win his third belt on this date:CHAMPIONDEFEATEDLOCATIONDATEJohn CenaEdgeToronto09-17-06

of course John Cena likes black people! he has done a bunch of songs with black people,his career involves contact with black people,and he has friends that are black. -Tracy P. -Sacramento Cali.

no its obvious hes white