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She probably is flattered but No, KeKePalmer is over 18 I dont think it would work.


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This is Prodigy from Mindless Behavior, I dont have a crush. The only crush I have is a celeberty That celeberty is KeKe Palmer. Thank You Stay Mindless 143 :D

rayray crush is willow smith,princeton crush is sadessica burton,roc royal crush is imani hakim,and prodigy crush is keke palmer

KeKe Palmer But She Is Way To Old For Him So Still Today He Is Trying To Find His #1 Girl

Ray Ray has a crush on Willow Smith, Princeton has a crush on Sadessica Burton, Roc Royal has a crush on Imani Hakim and Prodigy has a crush on Keke Palmer!

ray ray,princeton,roc royal and prodigy, do not have no girlfriends

Yes , but it isn't a SERIOUS crush . Roc's is the girl off Everybody Hates Chris , Chris Sister. RayRay's is Willow Smith. Princeton is some model but i don't know her name :)

He has a crush on her.

keke palmer and dana r

Prodigy-KeKe Palmer Ray Ray-Willow Smith Princeton-Chanel Iman && Selita Banks && Demi Lavato Roc Royal- Imani Hakim ( Tanya Frum Everybody Hates Chris)

His crush is a victorial secret model

Prodigy indeed has a crush she is a singer/actress. And her name is Keke Palmer. Now I wish someone would try and change or edit this because this is true and he said from his own mouth on most of Mindless Behavior's interviews.

Princeton has a crush on a girl named tajah from michigan

Roc Royal has a crush Tsion Woldeyohanes.

willow celeb crush is rayray from mindless behavior

Yes that was his celebritie crush youtube it. mindless behavior crushes

no...they would seem fine with that and anyway mindless behavior would crush them

Well you have to think about someone else cute like roc royal ,prodigy ,princeton,or rayrayfrom mindless behavior. Well sometimes it means that your not ready for a relationship and your kind of nervous

ray ray and princeton have a crush on nikkie minaj roc royal has a crush on paige hurd and someone else dont know prodigy has a crush on keke palmer

He has a crush on rihanna and nicki minaj

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