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hi every one just saying that sea pollution can harm kids not just kids but people as well even i can die from it and we only die from sea pollution if its that bad!

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What happens to kids when there is car pollution?

they die

How many otters die a year from pollution?

oil pollution effects on sea otters

How many sea horse die from pollution?

they die to 1000 to 2000 seahorses.

What would happen if sea were full of garbage?

There will be Water pollution in the sea and the animals will die. You're welcome.

How dangerous is water pollution?

If there's Pollution In The Water Than Fish And Other Sea Creatures We Depend On Will Die Or Even Go Extinct!

What effect does pollution have on the sea?

great queation, it has a HUGE effect on the sea. it colors our and the animals sea and grabage can be a snack for the animals, that will cause most animals to die.

How many fish where killed from the titanic pollution?

There are no statistics available regarding how many fish were killed from Titanic pollution. It is estimated that approximately 100,000 sea mammals die from pollution each year.

Can you always see sea pollution in the sea?


What type of water animals die due to pollution?

sea otters and dolphins and sum times sharks

How many animals die each year due to pollution?

There are over 3.5 million animals that die each year due to pollution. Most of these animals are sea animals which are killed by the toxins in the oceans and seas.

What are the common cause of air pollution?

illegal fishing,sea pollution, and lake pollution :)

What are the major problem of pollution in Tonga?

-Pollution from waste. -water pollution. -Air pollution. -The destruction of sea environmental.

How many animals die a year from pollution?

Over 1 million sea birds and 100,000 sea mammals and fish are killed every year due to water pollution. Oil spills, litter, and other factors have contributed to these numbers.

What is marine pollution and how does it affect marine life?

Marine pollution is leakage in the oil side of the cruise at sea floating on the sea, anddiscarded garbage floating in the sea, making the water pollution, marine organisms can not survive.

How you stopping the pollution?

I can stop the pollution by not throwing garbage in the sea, not throwing plastics in the river si the sea or river will no be polluted.

Why does oil cause river pollution?

Because of the sea creatures that live in the river(they could die), and it can make the water toxic

What ocean pollution problems does Spain have?

The pollution of the Atlantic Ocean kills and harms the sea creatures living there. The Mediterranean Sea also has alot of pollution. This pollution also kills and harms many of the sea creatures, people can be hurt by the uncleanliness or can become very ill or sick.

How is water pollution affecting dolphins?

how is water pollution affecting sea lions

How does sea pollution harm sea animals?

because it kills them they have to live in that water wim in the water and drink it soo tht pollution can kill them

How is the water pollution affecting the sea lions?

Water pollution affects sea lions in various ways. Pollution can contaminate the water they swim in and drink. Some contaminants from pollution are stored in the fish and other prey that sea lions eat, which then affects their own health. Sometimes the sea lions are injured after trying to eat trash thrown into the water.

What is the effect of throwing garbage in the sea?


What kills birds on the coast?

sea pollution

What is sea pollution?

Where the sea is polluted by sewage, trash, oil spills and waste.

What harms the sea turtles?

pollution is the most common harm to sea turtles

What type of sea pollution is killing the sea animals?

BP's oil spill