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Do kids sometimes feel like they can transform into a Pokemon?


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Some thoughts from different people:
  • No, but I always wanted to be a trainer in the reality, no a Pokemon!!!
  • Yes children have a big imaganation, and some belive they can.
  • No but I always wanted (and still do!) want to be a trainer!
  • Because I'm a true Pokemon trainer! I even have my own poke ball, and stuff! I'm the Pokemon trainer in fire red and leaf green!
  • No, but I always wish I were a Pokemon! Well, actually, I wish I were a trainer, and we lived in a Pokemon world.

Answer i wish i could b a pichu


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Sometimes kids have problems at home or they feel better about picking on others. It lets them feel better... temporarily.

Yes, because the creators of pokemon feel like the kids deserve more pokemon after they are done with Black and White. They will make another region and make more new pokemon. Also make the new pokemon on cards.

Some kids are more easily scared than others and they are also jumpy. When I was young, I would sometimes feel like other people were in the house and sometimes when my brothers chased me, i would not be able to tell if i was scared or just excited. If your child gets scared suddenly, ask them why they feel this way.

Its usually played by younger kids, and sometimes even high schoolers start playing again

No, it can be for little kids.

Pokemon is a family show rather than a kids show. Pokemon is definitely NOT for little kids. Pokemon is meant for general audience. I know some kids my age that still love Pokemon. I'm almost an adult, and I'm still watching Pokemon. I still love Pokemon no matter how old I get.

Pokemon cards of course kids worldwide want Pokemon cards!

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Yes, Santa can make Pikachus, and all the other kinds of Pokemon. Also, he sometimes gets donations from the Pokemon factory because they like to make kids happy too.

They expect the teenagers to be more mature now, and the teens sometimes feel that they have outgrown cartoons.

Yes, because Pokemon is meant for general audience. Pokemon was geared for kids and teenagers. Afterall Pokemon is enjoyed by teenagers, and adults too.

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Most kids do. I allow my children to watch it. But sometimes kids can't watch it.

Because back in the days kids were bored so some1 invented them so kids can i have fun :) (i hate pokemon!)

No, considering it's a kids show.

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