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no, no they don't. Ladybugs like to eat leaves not flowers! ( as thats what i think) ......

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What do ladybugs kind of leaves do ladybugs eat?

Hi peoples, Ladybugs can eat dandelions including the flowers, chives -- only the stems, and tomato leaves.

What in a food web eats dandelions?


Can hamsters eat dandelions?

hamsters can eat dandelions as long as it is part of a balenced diet hamsters can eat dandelions as long as it is part of a balenced diet

Do ladybugs eat ants?

Ladybugs do not eat ants.

Do ladybugs eat grub?

No ladybugs do not eat grub, but they do eat aphids.

What do ladybugs eat-?

Ladybugs eat fungus, mushrooms, insects, mildew, leaves, and don't forget aphids!!! Ladybugs eat aphids and aphids feed on plant juices so farmers love ladybugs because they help the plant stay alive. Aphids are yellow bugs that are very small and pesty. ... Omnivores eat meat\animals, and they eat plants.

Will ladybugs eat ladybugs if they have to?

Yes, ladybugs will sometimes eat the larvae and pupae of their own kind.

Do ladybugs eat ticks?

No. Ladybugs (Ladybirds) eat aphids.

Do ladybugs eat vegetables or meat?

Ladybugs eat aphids.

Do ladybugs eat aphids?

Yes, ladybugs eat aphids.

What flowers can rabbits eat?

dandelions only dandelions only

Do ladybugs eat grass?

Ladybugs eat a variety of things. Most ladybugs eat other insects, but some also eat parts of plants.

Do Ladybugs eat leavs?

Ladybugs do not eat leaves; they eat aphids, which suck the juices from plants. So, the Ladybugs protect your garden.

Do ladybugs eat stink bugs?

yes ladybugs do eat stink bugs because they are small bugs and it is easy for ladybugs to eat them.

Can ladybugs eat bees?

no, but bees can eat ladybugs if there's nothing else to eat.

Do ladybugs eat oranges or apple?

Yes they can eat both

What kind of cheese do ladybugs eat?

Ladybugs do not even eat cheese

Can ladybugs eat tomatoes?

No. Tomatoes are too big for ladybugs to eat.

What kind of food do ladybugs eat?

Ladybugs usually eat aphids.....

What do red and black ladybugs eat and drink?

Ladybugs eat aphids

Do ladybugs eat honey bees?

No. Ladybugs do not eat honey bees.

What sort of spiders do ladybugs eat?

Ladybugs don't eat spiders

Can ladybugs eat milkweed?

Ladybugs eat aphids that live on milkweed.

What do pupa ladybugs eat?

Ladybugs or lady beetles eat aphids.

Does ladybugs eat spinach or lettuce?

Yes ladybugs can eat both