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No, they do occur naturally.

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Q: Do lanthanides have to be made in a laboratory?
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What can be made in the field or in the laboratory?

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What is the difference between lanthanides and actinides?

Wht is the difference between Lanthanides and Actinides?

What are the elements of 4F series called?

The 4f series is referred to as the Lanthanides.

How many elements are made only in a laboratory?

How many radioactive elements are made only in a laboratory?

What about the complex formation ability of lanthanides as campared to actinides?

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What section of the periodic table is the 4f subshell being filled?

Atoms first occupy the 4f level in the Lanthanide series, beginning with Cerium (Ce).

Laboratory iron ring?

it is a ring used in laboratory that is made with iron...

Do actinides and lanthanides lose electrons when combining?

Actinides and lanthanides lose electrons and form cations.

Can be made in the field or in a laboratory?

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Can be made in the field or laboratory?


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