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Do leopard frogs have webbed toes?

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All frogs have webbed feet.

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Do African dwarf frogs have webbed toes?

it helps them swim better males have bigger webbed toes and femals have smaller webbed toes

Are toes webbed on frogs?

yes so they can swim easier

What are frogs toes like?

They are 'webbed' which means they have skin growing between the toes to help them swim.

How do frog move in water?

frogs move with their webbed toes in the water

Do all frogs have webbed feet?

No. Land based frogs have sticky pads on their toes to assist them with climbing.

Why are frogs toes webbed but not its fingers?

We have canda the same to help us swim!

Whats the differences in the frog's toes of the hind legs and those of the front leg?

The majority of frogs have four toes on their front legs and five toes on their hind legs. Aquatic frogs have long toes that are webbed.

Do frogs have webbed feet?

Yes. The back feet have webs, the front has toes with no web.

Are amphibians the only animal with webbed feet?

No. Most amphibians do have webbed feet like frogs but ducks, which are a type of BIRD also have webbed feet. some cats and dogs have webbing between their toes

What are the differences between frog anatomy and human anatomy?

the difference between the frogs anatomy and us humans is that they have four toes on their feet which are webbed and we have five fingers and toes.

Which toes are webbed in a frog?

All of the toes on a frog's feet are connected, making a webbed foot.

Does the frog have webbed feet?

Frogs who live in water have webbed feet that assist them with swimming. However, if the frog is primarily land or tree based, it will have sticky pads on its toes instead of webbing.

Why do frogs have webs on their back feet?

So they can swim. Their feet as a tadpole have webbed toes so they can kick faster and get away from predators.

Why do pelicans and frogs have webbed feet?

Pelicans and frogs have webbed feet because: a)that is how they were formed, and b)the webbed feet helps them swim.

Does a hippopotamus have webbed toes?


What are the symptoms of webbed toes?

Okay... I have webbed toes.... Only 2 are though... (on both feet) There are absolutley no symptons!

Does a duck have toes?

no they have webbed feet so there not really toes

How many toes does a pelican have?

pelicans have four toes but their webbed.

Do you know any special featurs a frog has?

webbed toes, although i do know some one with webbed toes, it is gross

Do poison dart frogs have webbed feet?

poison dart frogs do not have webbed feet. they have sticky pads on there feet

Can you go on pointe if you have webbed toes?

I think so, but if your webbed toes provide a difficulty in squishing your toes all together inside the shoe and then moving them up and down, then you will find it difficult. I'm not really sure because i have never seen anyone with webbed toes :)

How many leopard frogs are thire?

how many leopard frogs are there

Do Shetland Sheepdogs have webbed toes?


Does ducks have toes?

no they have webbed feet

Are the frog's hind legs webbed?

A frogs hind feet are webbed.