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Yes they do. Over the time many online stores have arrived in the market and selling these products at ease.

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Yes they have been known to use dildos, as well as other sex toys. It is common for women to use sex toys, whether they are lesbian, bi, or strait.

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Can lesbians get trichomoniasis?

I'm a 48 year old lesbian who has never had sex with a man nor have I used dildos. Over the course of my life and lovers, I have twice had trichomoniasis. So, the answer is YES! Lesbians can and do get trich!

Is lesbian sex the same to normal sex?

It depends on how they do it. Rarely do lesbians have penises, because to be lesbian you have to be female. Sometimes they have sex with dildos, but no it is not exactly the same.

What do lesbians do during sex?

There are many different ways for lesbians to have sex. One is fingering(or fisting) whick is like basically like a penis but your partner or yourself can use your fingers. Another way is to use tongue,which you need a partner to lick your vagina and your butt. It makes you tingle and arch your back. Lastly are toys, either with or with a parnter.The most common are strap-ons and dildos.

What to use as a mastribator?

Women may use love eggs and dildos as masturbatory items. The dildos or love eggs can normally stimulate various parts of the vagina or pubic area.

Can boys use dildo's?

Boys can use dildos as they stick it up their bum. This can bring boys pleasure as they have a "gspot" up their bum. Many boys enjoy using dildos.

What can guys use as dildos?

Screw drivers,sharpies, and golf clubs are what I use

Do lesbians use lube?

Some lesbians use lube, some don't. It depends on the couple and the situation.

Do lesbians use condoms?

Yes, lesbians regularly use condoms, mainly in combination with sex toys, but some also use them as dental dams.

Do teen girls use dildos?

Well it depends on the girl. So yes and no.

What are some kinky things for lesbians to do?

Lesbians can use dildo's They can use my handcuffs and shackle's. They can come over to my house and let me video tape them.

How do men pleasure themselves in the butt whole?

They can use other men, vibrators or dildos

What is the difference between altitude density and air pressure?

dildos, lots and lots of dildos

What has silicone in it?


What is a deldo?

A deldo is a fake penis that lesbians use.

How do you practice sticking a man's penis up your vagina?

well most people use dildos

How does someone inexperienced in lesbian activity please a lesbian?

It's like when anyone has sex for the first time. Listen to each other and show what you like. Lesbians have sex like straight people but not always with penetration. Some use dildos and others don't. It's individual. Usually hands and oral is involved.

What happened in French Indochina during the cold war?

They fought over dildos. There weren't enough dildos for all of them so they got furious and started throwing dildos at each other.

What kind of food do lesbians use?

Eating food, and they use it to eat. :D

Can chicken bones be recycled?

Ofcourse. Many people have been known to use chicken bones as dildos

What are house of chicken?


Other words for lesbian?

Gay woman, homosexual woman. There are slang names for lesbians, for example, dykes, which lesbians may use when talking about themselves, but would usually be offensive for others to use.

Are lesbians more attracted to straight women than other lesbians?

Actually, there's research that lesbians have a preference for other lesbians.

Do lesbians have to use condom's?

Not unless one of you are a male, have semen, are bisexual.

Are there more blacks lesbians than whites lesbians?

The amount of white and black lesbians are quite similar. In America there are more black lesbians however in England there are more white lesbians.

Can girls be lesbians?

All lesbians are girls, but not all girls are lesbians. Yes. The answer is yes.

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