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Lions do live in groups called a pride. They hunt, raise their young, and defend their territories as a unit.
Yes. It is called a pride.

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Do California sea lions live in groups?

California sea lions do live in groups.

Does lions live in bribes?

Lions live in groups called "Prides".

Why do lions live in solitary?

Lions are generally not solitary but live in groups called prides.

Does a lion live with a pack or a herd?

Neither, lions live in groups called prides.

How do lions live?

Lions live in groups of about 12 to 15 lions. These groups are called prides and consist of either one or two male lions. The rest of the pride consists of related female lions and their young cubs.Lions live in large social groups called prides. Usually there is one (sometimes two) male lions and the rest are all females from the same family with their offspring. Lions eat most things so they can survive.

What animals that live in groups?

Many animals live in groups: lions, hyenas, zebras, humans, chimpanzees, and so on.

Do any big cats besides lions live in groups for some time?

No, lions are the only big cats that live in groups except for female that are caring for their young.

Do lions live in packs?

Lions do not live in packs but live in groups known as prides. A pride of lions usually consists of five or six lionesses and one or two male lions along with their combined cubs.

What animals don't live in groups?

most animals live in groups but animals such as foxes tigers lions not very much

What mammals live in groups?

Lions, Tigers, Wolves and many more.

Do cheetahs and lions live in packs or alone?

Lions like in groups called prides. Cheetahs live alone except for females with young.

What animals live groups and solitary?

animals that live in groups are elephants , lions , wolves and others. animals that live n solitary are tiger , snake and others.

Do lions live on their own or with others?

Some live as solitary creatures but most live in groups called prides.

What are animals in the wild?

animals that live in the wild are lions for instance. they live free and sometimes are in groups or packs.

Do bobcats live alone or in a group?

Bobcats do not live in groups. The only cat(that's wild) that lives in groups are lions. Bobcats only live in a "group" is when a mother has cubs.

Do lions live in the African safari?

A safari is a group of people going out into the wild to see, or possibly hunt animals. Lions don't live within these Groups. You probably meant "Savannah", the African grasslands. And yes, lions live on the Savannah.

What was the lion home called?

Lions live in groups that are called prides. Ten to forty lions may live in a pride. Each pride has a home area that is called its territory

What animal lives in a group?

Dolphins live in groups. Zebras, giraffes, elephants, meerkats, lions, wild dogs, and whales live in groups too. Good luck!!!

How does the lion live - alone or packs?

A few lions live as solitary individuals but the majority live in groups called prides.

Do cougars live in packs or alone?

Pumas are loners, except for females with cubs. Lions are the only cats that live in groups.

What animal does not live in family group?

Most animals do not live in family groups. Some animals that do include horses, lions, and dolphins.

Do lions live in the safari?

yes lions live in the safari

Do lions live together or on their own?

Usually in groups called prides. A pride of lions consists of related females and offspring and a small number of adult males.

Why are lions in packs?

Lions live in groups, which are called prides, because as a group they can better defend themselves, care for their young, as well as hunt more successfully.

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