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Yes. Probably a few different varieties. Like Fence Lizards, 5-lined skinks, and broadhead skinks. I live about an hour east of you (Ashland) and saw a 5-lined skink this morning. This is a great website that has distribution maps you can check!

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Can wild blue tongue lizards live with a pet blue tongue lizard?

No!,,you should never keep blue tongue lizards together,(captive or wild). you should always stay away from wild lizards.

Where do lizards live in the wild?

Lizards live almost everywhere in the world. They prefer warm climates where it is moist, at least for part of the day.

How long do lizards live in the wild?

about 2 years and more

Can Brown garden lizards be ketp with other lizards?

They live in the wild together, so why not in captivity? =) -kelsey.

How long do Frill Neck Lizards live for?

Little research has been done into the lifespan of frill-neck lizards in the wild. In captivity, they have been known to live up to 20 years.

How old do frilled lizards live for?

Frilled lizards can live for up to about 20 years in captivity. They have much shorter lives in the wild and often last only 10 to 12 years.

What kind of lizards live in wild New Hampshire?

There are no lizards native to New Hampshire. There are, however, a dozen species of Salamander that call the state home.

What animals live in the region of the eastern highlands?

animals like lizards wild dogs and more

Do lizards live longer in captivity?

It depends some lizards such as anoles will live longer in captivity then in the wild, because they are smaller lizards and can't defend themselves. Lizards such as Gilla Dragons would live longer in the wild because they have more room to roam. If you want to try to make them comfortable in captivity and live longer you should, make a natraul habitat. For Bearded Dragons, they live in hot areas, and the ground they walk on is almost clay like.( I suggest tile for the ground) Okay, I hope that answered the question.

What animals are dangerous in Korea?

Tigers that live in the wild and some types if Komodo dragons and various lizards .

When was Wild Kentucky Skies created?

Wild Kentucky Skies was created in 1992.

How many Texas Horned Lizards are left in the wild?

it might be about 500 to a 1,000 Texas horned lizards are left in the wild

How did Kentucky get their mascot?

Kentucky wild cats

What type of wild animals live in panama?

elphants, lions, giraffe, monkeys, lizards, and also panda bears...

Who else lives with hermit crabs?

Lizards can live with hermits crabs and birds but i only know its possible in the wild

What are the predators of a horned lizards?

mostly snakes or hawks it could be a bigger meat eater since they live in the wild

What do wild lizards drink?


What kind of wild animals live in Kentucky?

there are all kinds of animals in Kentucky like black bears,deer,elk,wolves,skunks,puma's

What do wild lizards like to eat?

Lizards Are Insectivores. Insectivores Are Animals That Eat Bugs.

What do scorpions eat in the wild?

Scorpions can live up to eight years in the wild. Scorpions can go along time without food and like to eat insects, mice, and lizards.

Is it safe to keep wild lizards?

Of course it is!

Do wild lizards carry diseases?

Yes wild lizards carry diseases. Some of the things wild lizards carry are mites, internal and external parasites, and rabies. Depending on the type of lizard and it's natural living habitats will inform you of possible diseases.

Why don't wild pheasants live in Kentucky?

Pheasants will live just fine in Kentucky . The thing is they can't reproduce here. This is the real question and no one seems to have the answers. Of course I don't think anyone is really trying

Do gray wolves live in Kentucky?

No. The only wild canids found in Kentucky are the red fox, Vulpes Fulva, the gray fox, Urocyon Cinereoargenteus,and the coyote, Canis Latrans.

What do wild blue neck lizards eat?