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Every place has its own local winds.

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Does Florida have monsoon winds?

Florida does not have monsoon winds. Monsoon winds and rainy seasons only occur in south east Asia. The winds are very strong and the rain is heavy.

Are local and prevailing winds the same?

No, because local winds are only in small areas while prevailing winds are global. Some things are the same, like their both caused by the uneven heating of the Earth.

Why does it get so windy in a blizzard?

This is because blizzards only occur where there are strong winds. Therefore, when a blizzard occurs, there must be strong winds.

Is there a windstorm in the moon?

No it is impossible since the moon does not have an atmosphere. Winds only occur where air is and there is no air in space.

Do tail winds and headwinds only occur at ground level?

No. Winds can be found at just about all altitudes, and whether they'd be headwinds or tailwids would depend on where you're heading.

Why do southerly winds occur on a trailing side of a high pressure region?

because in the south, Winds only tail on the side of a high pressure region because of the Coriolis effect and the earths rotation.

Does transpiration occur in animals?

yesNo it does not takes place in animal.It takes place in plants only

What are the wave height of a tornado?

There is none. Tornadoes are not waves, they are violent whirlwinds and they generally occur on land. When they do occur they do not produce much in the way of waves, as the winds of a tornado only cover a small area.

Does photophosphorylation occur in only prokaryotes?

No, it takes place in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes

What are seasonal winds?

Winds that blow only during certain seasons is known as seasonal or periodic winds.

Why don't all the aftershocks occur in the same place?

because they only happen because they do

How many syllables in the word winds?

There is only one syllable in the word winds.

Where does fusion of hydrogen to helium most commonly occur?

In stars. As far as I know this is the only place.

What is the only lunar phase in which a solar eclipse will occur?

A solar eclipse can take place only at the New Moon.

Is hurricane winds stronger than tornado winds?

No. Hurricane winds have been recorded only up to about 190 mph. Tornado winds can reach up to 300 mph

Is there a law about how often a hotel room must be cleaned?

These are usually only local ordinances, and the local Heath Dept. would be the place for complaints.

Are the winds in jet streams the only high altitude winds?

No. High altitude winds are certainly strongest in the jets streams, but there is other wind.

Details of memory bank in 8086?

Yoiur Local Library is about the only place still with this information.

What causes the strong winds in a tornado?

Change in air pressure causes the strong winds. In fact, most winds that we experience on Earth are caused by change in air pressure. Usually significant changes in air pressure occur over a large area and therefore it's only a slow change in pressure over distance making light winds. In a tornado, you get a significant drop in air pressure over just a few feet of land. This causes the winds to get excessivly high.

Where can you see crocodiles or alligators in the UK?

Since they don't occur naturally in the UK - The only place would be a Zoo.

The place where light reactions occur in a plant?

it occurs in the chloroplast / stroma oh and light reactions can only occur in a plant and some protists because only plants and some protists can perform photosynthesis, and it is in this process which light reactions occur. other cells don't have chloroplast and stromas.

What local place can you work at if you are only 15?

most fast food places and some grocery stores!

Place where only mechanical form of digestion occur?

mouth? because chemiclal form took place in the stomach and if we say mechanical it is something to do with grinding, swallowing and choking. :)

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