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well i think they can work if you want them to! me and my boyfriend are having a long distance relationship i am still in high schoool and he is in his first year of college even though he is only a few hours away does not mean i can go see him whenever i want to! i have to stay here and worry about my own schoool work like he does too. you have to be able to handle the trust and loyalty between each other you cant assume immediatly you have to trust them or their doesn't need to be a relationship if you know your bf or gf is gonna mess around just end it their is no reason to keep a relationship if messing around occurs. my bf has the most trust with me he has never done nything on me and we have only been dating 4 months but i love him more than anything so if you want the relationship to work it will...


Some do, some don't. It really depends upon how much you have in common to begin with and whether your future plans enable you to be together. A lot of times people who are in different places start finding themselves in separate opportunities and interests, and inevitably draw further apart.

You have to ask yourself whether you are going to sacrifice all opportunities to be with someone here and now, for the chance that someday MAYBE the long-distance effort will pay off.


Yeah, they do work. ive been dating my boyfriend for about 6 months, and we have a long distance relationship. we see each other every weekend and any other time we can. it seems like its easier to have a long distance relationship cuz you don't see each other all the time so when you do see each other you fall more in love with that person. because when you see each other all the time you can get very irritated with that person, you wont have a lot of space and time for yourself. well that's just my personal point of view. goodluck!!


They DO work, but only if you're willing to put all of your effort into both the relationship and to your partner. Never be untrue to yourself and never let doubt or insecurity overwhelm you. If this happens you will only be shooting yourself in the foot and eventually you will get to a point where you end up not trusting even yourself anymore.

Communication is paramount in a long distance relationship. It keeps the connection between the two alive and flowing. Physical visits are a must. If one person cannot bring him or herself to actually meet the other than that will become a very big obstacle in the future. In addition, being there to see, touch, and feel the other person lends a tremendous amount of closeness between the two involved.


Ok, maybe im not an expert, because ive only been going out with my boyfriend for 2 and a half months, but i love him dearly and neither of us can imagine living our lives without each other. i think that it does all depend on your relationship before you were together and how well you know and trust each other. my boyfriend lives 2 hours away, and we take turns getting a train to see each other every other weekend. we were very close friends before we were together which definitely helped because i got to know him as a person before we thought about a relationship. just be careful and know that you definitely trust them.


it's all about trust. They can. I'm a girl, and more than likely it's a girl looking this question up. it's hard to know what guys are thinking.. and there are signs that girls get really scared by. Basically, if you know the person you want to be in a relationship is going to be there for you, it's all in your head from there. you don't need to be physical to show you love/ like someone. and the way you can tell youre in love with them is if everyone else you see around you is no competition. if every time you see an opportunity to be in a relationship that's "easier" just cuz it's closer, you say "but theyre not going to make me as happy as when i talk to (insert name of distant lover)" :) I've been going out with a guy in Texas for 2 years now and I've lived in Florida the entire time. not exactly a car ride away. it's depressing at times.. but i know he's there for me. there were times when i didnt think it would work.. i broke up with him about a year and a half into it and went out with someone else. he got really upset by it.. and i noticed that the person i was with was a complete jerk anyway. he ended up getting a new girlfriend and he was with her the only time i went to visit since we started going out. he just broke up with her today.. but we've been "back together" since i went to visit a few months ago. he says he wants me to be his wife one day.. and i would love nothing more honestly. i just get confused when he changes his facebook info to "looking for: dating".. that's the kind of sign that scares me personally. i don't know. i love him and that won't change. you just need to be able to trust your partner.

A personal story

To be honest I do not think long distance relationships work. My first love I knew from childhood. We loved each other to the point I was willing to marry. She wanted to get out of NJ and moved to Indiana. I promised to go out there to marry her. We spoke to each other many times and we shared and promised our love. When the time came for me to go, I called to set the date and her room stated she left town without calling me back about leaving. I was heart broken and never heard from her again. I foud out years later from her family member that she ran off with another man and got married and moved to Ohio. Now I started a new relationship with someone very close and we lived together for six months and we love each other greatly. Recently she had to relocate to Indiana and now I am having nightmare feelings of an ancient past. It has been one week and I feel like I am going to die. I am older in life and I cannot suffer another loss. I never told her the story of my past but it feels like reincarnation and I cannot handel another heart break. In my heart long distance relationships do not work. I am hanging in there for just a month because she told me to move out there with her. I am willing and want to. I have e-mailed her everyday and she does the same with the love notes. I love it and it makes me happy but if she doesn't I get upset. Tonight I sent few e-mails and no answers. Negative thoughts are going through my mind now because of past experience. I now feel a little heart broken.

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Q: Do long-distance relationships work
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